Monday 18 January 2010

Sheffield Tweet-Up: The Details

Not much more to add, just one more reminder about this Saturday’s blogger Tweet-Up/Twiss-Up in Sheffield.

The plan is still the same: meet by 12 in the Sheffield Station Tap, have a beer and then hit the ground running (it’s likely that we will be running too, as the day is rammed full with beer, pubs and breweries). Between them, Alex from ALL BEER, Reluctant Scoop and Stu, will sort us out a route around the city, which I think currently includes three breweries and something like 84 pubs. There will be somewhere with the football on so the Leeds fans can watch them lose to Spurs and food will mainly be taken in the form of crisps. I don’t know how we are getting between pubs so expect to walk or some buses/trams (easier said than done in a city centre with a group of 15+). The last stop will be the Hillsborough Hotel (which will be an afternoon stop too, featuring some special beers on tap and a brewery tour) as that’s where some of us are staying. I’ve mentioned that some will be leaving from 8 onwards so we need to be in easy reach of the train station from then on.

In the last post we discussed a Beer Swap. If anyone wants to take part then just bring one bottle of local beer and swap it with someone on the day, then take it home, drink it and blog about it. I’m not sure if anyone is bringing any special bottles with them to open on the day... This is fine, but remember it’ll need to be shared between a lot of people (my current count is 18-21 people!) and some pubs might not like us opening our own stuff in them. As for buying the beers... it’ll be a bit like pub golf, I think, given the numbers, and a round (even at the lowly northern prices) will cost a small fortune, so we’ll just have to buy our own or do rounds in small drinking teams...

Leeds is still on for the Sunday. We’ll be getting there around 11 and making our way over to Beer Ritz (which opens at 12), then back in to the pubs. Everyone is welcome. I think there are 6-7 for Leeds so far, but I’m not certain. I need to leave Leeds about 4, so it won’t be another all-dayer (not for me anyway, but everyone else can!).

The important things: wear your drinking shoes; bring a bag for any bottles you want to buy/swap along the way; a sandwich might be good sustenance until we find somewhere to serve food for us all; and, bring a whistle in case you get lost. We’ve started using the #twissup hashtag in tweets and there is a group which you should join and follow if you are coming. You can DM or email me your mobile number too, just in case we lose anyone or need to call you.

That’s all. I can’t wait, it’s going to be a great weekend! If there are any other bloggers who haven’t said they are coming yet, but who want to, then just say and be there by 12 on the 23rd. See you all there!


  1. Had a reconnoiter round town yesterday and can report that there's lots of good beer in great pubs. And plenty of them have cheap-as-chips grub.

    And finishing the day with several pints of Saint Petersburg in the Coach & Horses was sublime.

    And hanging my head out of the train window on the way home was fun right up to the stage when my glasses were ripped from my face by the wind.

    "It's always funny until someone gets hurt and then it's just hilarious"

  2. I'm bringing my partner too - hope that's OK, I know it's increasing our group by another person, but really the thought of me drinking many great beers then telling them all about it while they look thirsty & forlorn, was just too cruel.

  3. Sounds like it's going to be great.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Sheffield and trying lots of new beers.

    Ill be getting to sheffield just after 11 so if anyone else is there early i will be in the tap.

  4. Should it make any difference to anyone, I've just got off the blower with a celebrated local brewery and arranged to have a pin of one of their more experimental beers on at the shop on Sunday. Oh yes.

  5. Annoyingly, I have a function I have to get to in the evening so I will be a teetotaller on a beer meet up (could be a Morrissey song...).

    However I am looking forward to meeting everyone I've tweeted and debated with for the past year or so so looking forward to Saturday immensely!

  6. Simon, that story has had me chuckling to myself ever since you tweeted about it yesterday! I can just imagine your head out the window and it speeds along! :D And several pints of St Petersburg... it's always going to be messy after that!

    Tania, no problem, bring them along, theirs is the first round!

    Zak, that's brilliant. Is the beer a surprise?! I hope the shelves will be stacked too, with a few of us coming in!

    Sam, teatotal at a beer meet up? That's insanely illogical! Still, we can all tease you all day long for that reason!!