Sunday 17 January 2010

The Hop Press: Beers to Talk About

This week’s Hop Press blog is about the beers which make you talk. I specifically refer to Westvleteren 12, Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Calcutta IPA, the beer Pete Brown had brewed for Hops and Glory. To quote myself, because it’s easier than re-writing, ‘Having [these beers] in your glass is a tangible experience; there’s excitement to them, delicate underlying tension, a sense of wonder. These feelings come from the rareness, history, age or the story (of the actual beer or a personal story of your own) of the beer.’

The full post is here. Tell me what you think. And what beers have made you talk?

Last week, when I was working on this BrewDog Dinner, I also shot a video of Tactical Nuclear Penguin. Here it is.

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