Sunday 17 January 2010


This is not a proper blog post.

Well, it kind of is, but there's not much substance to it... It's more of a test, since I just found that I can upload blogs via email from my blackberry.

The picture was part of my dinner last night and it was bloody lovely. Cantillon Gueuze with goats' cheese is a fantastic pairing because there is a similar 'goaty' character in both; the lemony sharpness and creamy-sharp cheese match perfectly; the savoury depth of the beer and the fizz hit the bottom and top notes. Fantastic.
Now I hope this email blogging thing works... Imagine the possibilities!


  1. SUCCESS!!

    The only thing I can't do is align it as usual, but I think we can forgive that.

  2. hah nice one!

    on the subject of goats - i recently had a beer from a local berewery called "old goat" - old goat by name old got by nature in this case - it tasted just like how goats smell lol

  3. Seems proper to me.

    I love goats cheese.

  4. Dominic, Marble Brewery17 January 2010 at 12:06

    Especially on a ciabatta, with home-made pesto and seasoned tomato, and stuck under a very hot grill for a minute or two

  5. Mark
    Try goat’s cheese with a Saison, that is an experience, just been drinking Southampton Publick House’s Cuvee des fleurs with some goat’s cheese (bog standard Capricorn) and the spicy sweetness and mintiness of the beer really wraps itself around the earthiness of the cheese — as perfect as a Fabregas pass (or goal for that matter).

  6. Dominic, that sounds cracking.

    Adrian, that also sounds cracking, but what's with the thumbed-in Arsenal reference?! Now it's just a matter of finding some Saison... it's not one of those ubiquitous styles.

  7. Mark
    Saison is a Scarlet Pimpernel of a style, a slippery customer, a style that I have always loved, because it’s a moveable feast. If you can get over to Tournai, Dupont isn’t that far away — as for the other question, I’m just a Gooner and I see the metaphoric possibilities in matching beer and good football (and as a Welshman in matching the same with good flowing rugby rather than the English variant that seems to come straight out of the gym).;-))

  8. A Scarlet Pimpernel indeed! Sounds like a great combo so if I manage to find one I'll give it a whirl.

    And I'm with you on pairing beer and football, the same with beer and films, too!

  9. so, given your love of Godard, what is À bout de souffle then? For me it would be Hommelpap, from Brasserie Ferme-Beck, near Ballieul. Rough and ready, resiny, artisanal but also quite cocky in its take-me-leave-me, ness.
    On the other hand, Pierrot le Fou would be Crown’s chilli IPA.

  10. I've often thought about A bout de souffle... It's new-cool European mixed with classic American, it's clever and quirky, dark in tone but light in voice... it's a difficult one. I think something Italian (they influened JLG a lot) - Birra del Borgo's My Antonia, perhaps.

    I totally get Pierrot and Crown's Chilli IPA - it's the dynamite around the head thing. Le Mepris would be a challenging but gorgeous blonde, Orval or Hopus, maybe. And Bande a part feels like a Mikkeller It's Alight.

  11. If we’re doing Italian I would have gone for BiBock and to hell with the the consequences in a Jacques Mesrine sort of way (without the guns).