Wednesday 6 January 2010

Sheffield Tweet-Up: Are you in?

Just a reminder… The beer blogger tweet-up is still on for Saturday 23rd January. Get your tickets booked and sort out your hotels if you want to go. A couple of us are staying at The Hillsborough. If you are travelling up from London then check the best prices from East Midlands trains (you can get £5 fares). The plan is still to meet at 12pm in the Sheffield Station bar (eight Thronbridge on tap... we might never leave!). From there we can work our way around the city – there’s a lot of good pubs to drink in. A few of us will be drinking in Leeds on the Sunday and everyone is also welcome.

If you are definitely coming then let us know. It’s going to be great fun – I’m really looking forward to it now! And if you know Sheffield then a possible route would be quite handy to those of us who don’t.

And how about a small beer swap with whoever comes: everyone brings one local beer and swaps it in person with someone else, then take it home and drink it and blog it later? Everyone up for that? Just one, good, local beer.

See you there!

I got the image from the Brewers Association website.


  1. I'll be there and can gladly point you all in the right directions.

  2. Skiing in Austria, so can't make it unfortunately. The beer swap is cool idea ... don't let it delay the next proper swap though, I want in next time! :)

  3. Yep, I'll be there. And may well come back for seconds in Leeds the next day, too.

    And I'm sure I speak on behalf of the Real Ale Reviews boys that we'll need to find a pub on Saturday that shows Leeds defeat Spurs in the cup.

  4. Can't wait! although chunk if you want to swap a trip to sheffield for a trip to austria id be more than happy!

  5. I'll be at the Hillsborough Hotel at 2.30 to show a camra group around the brewery.

  6. Dominic, Marble Brewery6 January 2010 at 09:54

    I didn't book my trains to London that weekend for a trip to Moro restaurant, and can't find any bloody cheap tickets anymore. So I might have to join you for a couple, either in Sheffield or Leeds. I might even bring a bottle of Marble beer to swap if I remember.

    Hands off the Firestone Walker in North Bar - they're mine, and I will gladly fight for them.

  7. Would be great to meat you Dominic, I've heard alot about your beers!

    Stu - make sure that camra lot don't drink all the ale ;o)

  8. Nice one. Looking good so far. By my count, including non-replies who are definitely comng and tweet replies, we're over 10.

    Kelly and Dominic, be great to see you both there. And Dominic, they have Firestone Walker in North Bar?! Holy crap. What are the chances it'll still be there in 2 weeks?!

    Chunk, there'll be another beer swap soon.

    Bring on the 23rd!

  9. Yes I'll be there and will join you for more in Leeds on Sunday. Someone should noteify Matt at North Bar and get him to secure something special on draft. May not be much Firestone Walker left but there is aways a very health selection in the fridges.
    Mini Beer Swap sounds good to me!

    I'm really looking forwards to it.

  10. I'm nice to me now :o)

  11. Is there a spoons involved 'cos if its my round its 99p a pint time.