Tuesday 10 April 2018

The Beer Bucket List

The Beer Bucket List is a collection of essential world beer experiences. It’s the most important old breweries and the industry-changing new brewers; it’s the greatest world beer bars and pubs; the unmissable beer festivals; the most delicious destinations for beer and food; the must-visit cities to go drinking; the unexpected, the unusual, the unknown; the classics, the most famous, the best. And out of a global search it’s wonderfully become a local celebration of the world’s beer diversity.

This book – my fifth – is out now and was inspired by thinking about where in the world I'd most like to drink a beer. And then by thinking about where I'd suggest others go to drink. The places that any beer lover really should go plus all those many oddities and idiosyncrasies that make beer – and travelling for beer – so great.

I'm really excited by this book and I hope that anyone who loves beer and travelling to drink it will enjoy it. What's on your Beer Bucket List?