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I've written eight books about beer. The most recent, A Brief History of Lager: 500 Years of the World's Favourite Beer is my first narrative non-fiction. You can read more about my books and other writing at (but below is also a little extra info, while you're here).

Craft Beer World looks at 350 of the world's greatest and most interesting beers. It was published in Spring 2013 so some of the entries might feel a bit out of date now... The book has also been published as a Pocket Book format that's smaller. Craft Beer World has been translated into numerous languages.

Beer & Food brings together the world's best beers and the best dishes. It's a very delicious book about how beer and food can work together and using the ideas of bridge, balance and boost as key ideas of matching drink and dinner. There's also a pocket book version of this book, released Spring 2018.

The Best Beer in the World is my search for the greatest beer. It goes around the globe and explores different drinking cultures and breweries and beer stories, including the wonders of Pilsner Urquell and the world's first golden lager, the great monastery breweries of Belgium, the joys of drinking lager on the beach, the freshest IPAs in America, the unique bia hoi lagers of Hanoi in Vietnam, and a lot more, all in my search to find an answer to the question: what is the best beer in the world?

Cooking with Beer is a tasty trip into the kitchen and uses beer as a key ingredient in a book-full of recipes.

The Beer Bucket List, published Spring 2018, is a look at the world's essential beer experience – the must-visit bars and breweries, the classic beers to drink, the wonderful idiosyncrasies of the beer world, the local styles and the global enjoyment of the world's greatest drink.

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