Wednesday 26 August 2009

Should've Gone To...

I was drinking Oude Geuze Boon in the garden the other day, enjoying the sun and some Kurt Vonnegut, so it goes. Anyway, I was drinking it out of my Gadds glass and noticed that the sun reflects the logo into the head of the beer and I thought that was pretty cool. And of course, that got me thinking… Are there any other glasses with quirks like this, whether they are planned or not? I know Dogfish Head have some glasses (I can't find a picture, dammit) which focus the bubbles to leaves the outline of their logo in the head but are there any others?

I got the beer from Beermerchants and loved it. It's taken me a while to 'get' sour beers but now I'm craving them all the time, especially on hot days. This one was a 2004-2005 and it's bright and fizzy, fresh and quenching, lemony and peppery, oakey and creamy, dry and delicious.


  1. i love the gadds one, i would love to get my hands on one of those and a dogfish one.

    i've got a lot of glasses at home but nothing as cool as either of those, my little boot shaped one is pretty cool though as it reminds me of a mate's wedding in greece.

    I also have a jw lees gripper glass which has slots shaped into it for your fingers.

    other than that my current fave is an ESB stemmed glass that i got way back.

    a few of my glasses can be seen on flickr @

    PS if anyone sees the Dogfish or the gadds glasses for sale anywhere please let me know!

  2. Sort of on topic, well it's about glasses.

    I'm looking for some unbranded Riedel quality glasses of the major shapes.

    Any ideas/thoughts?

  3. Andy, the Gadds glass is great, I've been drinking from it a lot recently, mainly geuze and beers like that. The DFH glass is very cool and it reminds me of the ESB glass in a way. I've got a few different shapes but my favourite it a large stemmed glass that Lauren's parents got me - it's perfect for IPAs.

    Simon, I'm looking for the same myself but they are hard to come by. The glasses I just mention above are top quality and I think from John Lewis (or another department store). I'm not sure of the range of glasses though. I'd like a decent/smart set but atm my collection is made up of odd branded glasses.

    There are a couple here -