Sunday 9 August 2009

Sharing Beer

Beer is for sharing. It’s the friendliest thing I know. Beer makes friendships. A love for beer itself is a long-term love affair. You like good beer, I like good beer. An instant bond. An understanding. A desire to share. We meet up for beers; that’s when we see each other. How’s your beer? Try some. Yeah, that’s good. Nothing else is like it. Let’s go to the pub. What you having? If you’re having that one then I’ll go for this. We talk, we laugh, we relax. The best beers I’ve ever had have been shared - they’ve been talked about, they turn into better beers because of it. Wow this is good. I’m not that fussed. I love it. I love it too. The one who wasn’t fussed gets into it. Actually you know what… We bounce words around, hyperbole, lyrical similes, random tastes and smells and memories. We laugh at him, then we get it ourselves, it does smell like that. We can open another bottle, we can order another half; we can drink more beer. Quantity and quality. It’s about being with friends, sharing something important to all of us, having a great time with a few beers. That’s why we drink it.


  1. Hi Mark,

    I think my friend Aidan and I were standing in the queue just in front of you on Tuesday at the GBBF (it was your mention of Garrett from The Bull that made me prick up my ears). Long time reader, first time poster.

    Sharing. Yes, like all of the good things in life (books, art, music, food and, yes, beer) it's the connections we make between things that enthuse us and have always made life worth living.

    There's probably some evolutionary explanation behind it, but there's a real buzz in sharing things you enjoy with other like-minded people. Particularly something like beer that works at both a visceral and (if you want it to) an intellectual level. Plenty of that going on amongst our group at the GBBF last week.

    Anyway, just to say that I enjoy reading P&S. Keep up the good work!



  2. Can't disagree with that Mark.

  3. Hi AndrewS, thanks for commenting and it's good to know you've been reading! And that's a great comment too. Maybe it goes to a deep rooted level of being (this is going deep here...) where it is comforting to know that others taste and think the same as you, with slight variations along the way.

    And yes, there is a real buzz in sharing something you love. That's why we drink together; that's why I write this blog. Cheers :)

    Dave and UnfriendlyGhost, cheers to you two too! (that reads really strangely, doesn't it?! Too many 2s!)


    Liam, by any chance will you be watching The Dodgers/Giants series beginning Monday? This series brings back primeval rage from childhood, as I've always despised the Giants. The Giants think they can cut the Dodgers lead. Linsecum pitches Wednesday afternoon.

    Be blessed when you take care.

  5. Wurst, if there are any day games then I'll put them on. I'll especially look out for Lincecum on Wednesday. Should be an interesting series!

  6. On the nail! Half tempted to print it off and if someone asks why I love beer I will just give them that piece and question answered.