Wednesday 5 August 2009

The Taste of Memories

I’m trying to work on my monstrously over-sized post about GBBF but in the meantime here's something I wrote a few months ago. I’ve been waiting to post it and seeing that Pencil&Spoon has risen to number 5 in the Wikio wine and beer top blogs it seems like the perfect moment! Thanks all, that’s made my day. I’ve laughed over beer and cried over beer. I’ve used it to celebrate and commiserate. It brings us together. Let’s go for a beer. It’s always there. It’s a part of life. So many great memories punctuated by glasses and bottles and the faintest recollection of how it tasted. And the taste is a feeling. It tastes of more than just the beer. The time I first had Deus. I don’t taste the Deus in my memory, I taste the way I felt that night. I taste the moment: it was warm, I was surrounded by my best friends, it was a special night, one of the best nights. I remember drinking it, I see the photographs now, it brings a smile, it brings that feeling back. It was for celebrating. It was to toast a changing point in our lives. It was a special beer for a special moment. A one-off moment, never had before and never to be had again. That memory will always come when I see Deus. Deus is how that memory tastes. It’s a time machine. A journey back to a great memory. I travel through space and time in an instant. I am back there, I see it, I hear the laughter, I feel the warmth, I taste it. Do you remember when…? We smile when we talk about it. He shares the same memory, he has the same feelings as I do, he remembers the beer, that night, that time, the place, the people. The memory tastes good. And every memory tastes different.
That's Iain, Pez, Matt from a few posts, me and Lee, who wrote this. We're all drinking Deus apart from Iain who is drinking something pink. He did drama. We drank some other cracking beers that night but I can't remember what they were!


  1. I see I'm not on the list of top blogs. This is shocking really. I thought I was providing a public service. Perhaps it was all lost during the battle between me and Hess?

    So yeah, beer is very good.

  2. I'm still hanging on in there I see.

  3. Just as well it's the memories that count. The beer is well dodgy.

  4. Wurst, I think that's a UK and Ireland listing as there are no blogs from outside there.

    Tandleman, you didn't like Deus? Or just beer in general?!