Monday 29 June 2009

On Holiday

Right, that’s me done and I’m outta here for two weeks. I thought about setting a few blogs to auto-post themselves but bugger that. I’ll be on twitter while I’m there and I’ve shifted the twitter feed so that it takes up the top part of the blog, so if you want to see what I’m up to then check out that mini-blog. I’ve managed to get twitpic working on my phone too so I’ll put up a few pictures when I can.

Allow me to be solipsistic and link to some of my favourite posts while I’m away.

The If you had to… game is fun.

My 'Ode To's... These are probably my favourite posts and I’ve got quite a few more to come.

The As-Live Tastings.

If you are hungry then click on the FAB POWS – the Food and Beer Pairing of the Week.

Some of my favourite recipes: Crunchy Nut Cornflake Ice Cream, stout ice cream and cupcakes and this totally awesome summer salad.

You can check out my youtube channel. There’s a video over there which I haven’t mentioned on here yet – Innis & Gunn’s Canadian Cask.

And if you get thirsty and want to buy some beers then click the links on the left to beermerchants and BrewDog.

Eat and drink well and don’t write anything unmissable because I’ll miss it. I’ll be back soon, full of vigour, thirst, blog posts, book reviews, holiday snaps of Mythos and a sexy tan. Laters.


  1. Rock on, my good man! Looking forward to your tweets.

  2. Have a nice holiday! We'll be drinking some good one for you ;)