Friday 5 June 2009

If you had to...

An If you had to… of sorts this week, asking what you eat when you are hungover? It’s not asking you to choose just the one this time, I just want to know what you eat post-beer.

This comes the morning after the night before. Last night I was at a preview of the Best of the Best beer festival at The Bull with Brad and James from Ale Affinity and Pete from Pete’s Food Blog and I am thoroughly hungover and feel like hell (the beer was shit hot though!). I've got to go to work soon but might as well not bother because I pretty much won’t get anything done except for a lot of staring out the window (into a bush) mournfully, hoping the headache and swirling gut will bugger off before I’m back at the pub to later. (Oh the things I do for this blog!)

But here’s the thing, what do I want to eat? What’s the one thing that will sort me out in this time of need? What disgusting trashy feast will lift my spirits? And what do you eat? Are you a coffee and fry up? Bacon sandwich? Tea and toast? Cold pizza? Hair of the dog?

What is the one thing guaranteed to sort you out when you are hungover?

Yes, I am aware that I just used the term ‘shit hot’ to describe the beer last night. While I like to adopt a generally colloquial tone in this blog I feel this may be a step too far. Maybe I am still drunk?


  1. Often I'll have a banana with some peanut butter straight from the jar. Maybe a few slabs of cheese on toast. My most regular choice is a bowl of baked beans (a whole can) with a few slices of toast on the side (always on the side!). And lots of water.

    Time for breakfast!

  2. I used to swear by a bottle of lucozade, a bag of malteasers and a bag of monster munch. But that was when i was young and probably had a stronger constitution. However, Pizza is by far the best cure, followed closely by a fry (well, I grill) of course. Shit hot!

  3. Oh, and the pizza should be warm and fresh. It's the tomatoes apparently. A Bloody Mary will also help.

  4. Adeptus, Lucozade, maltesers and monster munch sounds brilliant!! :D

    Pizza does always do the job. I like mine cold. And if there happens to be leftover cold chinese then that is possibly the ultimate, although I regret it soon after!

  5. Lucozade hydrotonic water, baked beans with tabasco, two poached eggs & brown toast is mine.

    But you've got to think hard about lunch as well mate! A salad with fish or chicken + watercress in it, milk thistle supplements from the chemist and lots & lots of water & juice.

    Trust me, I'm familiar with this routine!

  6. Mark I think 'shit hot' is a fari assessment of the quality of the beer last night!I'm feeling fine, clear headed and well up for round two tonight!

    Ultimate hangover cure for me is a bacon and fried egg sandwich with ketchup on brown bread, gallons of tea or fresh orange juice.

    If I have been really caning it and can't face food, i'll try rehydrate first usually with a bottle of lucozade sport, powerade or any isotonic sports drink.

  7. I think it depends on the hangover really. I sometimes get hangovers where it's nil by mouth until I can guarantee I'm not sick - I can't even drink water. I often feel like Tantalus.

    If I can stomach any food, then instant noodles in soy sauce, spring onion, sesame oil and tabasco works for me. Or Marmite dippy soldiers. Or a ham and cheese toasty.

  8. I'm with PB. Bacon & fried egg sandwich, except fruity brown sauce on mine please washed down with several cups of sugary tea.

    However, most unusually I was fresh as a daisy this morning!

  9. Mark!
    I made a massive schoolboy error yesterday. I washed down 5 pints yesterday afternoon before arriving at the Bull, then drank a further 10 or so half pints down at the beer festival, then to finish on a wonderful pint of Pitfield Imperial Stout, and then a half of the Divine Rebel.
    We returned home and decided we should have a bottle of Punk IPA each just to guarantee total paralysis whilst sleeping.
    This morning I can't describe how I feel. I thought I was ok when I woke up.. The dazed walk through the bathroom and out the front door seemed fairly regular. But things are getting worse!

    I'm also standing firmly with PB and Dubbel. Local greasy spoon, Bacon and egg sandwich on thick white bread covered in red sauce. All washed down with a bottle of Blue Powerade, followed by an extra thick black filter coffee with no sugar.. oh and then a few pints of water..

    Enjoy this evening! Wish I was there but i'll be swanning off to the Welsh border in a few hours for some serious chillout over the weekend..


  10. I swear by a packet of salt and vinegar crisps and a can of coke.

    You can nearly always reduce the symptoms as well by waking up slightly early and having some ibuprofen and then going back to sleep.

  11. Bacon, egg, toast and a cup of tea. Or just water when it´s really bad.

  12. Woah lots of unexpected love for sports drinks!!

    Melissa, that sounds like a good lunch! I often get some heat in my beans too, and it's always brown bread.

    Pete, I wish I woke up feeling fine!

    Lizzie, you crave the savoury stuff then! I could really eat a ham and cheese toasty right now!

    James, you really did hit it! Who has 5 pints before a beer festival?! That's like having a roast dinner before going to an all you can eat restaurant!! Live the dream :)

    Tim, funny you should say that, a pack of salt and vinegar squares are my salvation when I get in from the pub! I discovered some in the cupboard this morning so I had a packet and it pulled me together nicely!

    Rekan, good choice! Lots of love for bacon and eggs today. And I've had plenty of water to get me through!

    I'm eating lunch now and get myself psyched up for more later! Tomorrow will be a double hangover. And I'm drinking Saturday eve too to Sunday morning will be a triple hangover beast! What the hell kind of breakfast is going to sort me out on that one?! My usual Sunday morning gym session might suffer...

  13. Giant cheese burger or carne asada plate(Mexican)or Indian(curry) and a bit of the hair of the dog that bit ya!

  14. I'm gettin' real hungry (and thirsty) reading these comments...

  15. I start off with a cup of tea and ibuprofen then it's a fry up, with orange juice and coffee.

    I've normally perked up by then but in a severe case a hair of the dog in the form of a bloody mary will be called for.

  16. I like a soft boiled egg with marmite soldiers or a bacon sandwich with brown sauce or pizza but the one thing which always guarantees to wave goodbye to the hangover for me is oysters. Honestly. 6 oysters and you are sorted. Try it!

  17. I can confirm that the past two days have started with a banana and a big spoonful of peanut butter, plus lots of water. And all is well.

    Wurst, that's one helluva breakfast?!

    Helen, oysters?! Bloody hell! The first time I had an oyster I was in Borough and massively hungover and I was nearly sick!

  18. Toast and Buckets of tea. Or, if you can stand it (and have someone else make it) the Full English may be a cliche but for good reason; the fat and sugar sorts you out. That's me, anyway.

  19. for me it is always plenty of fresh orange juice and fried eggs. I'm sure I read somewhere, many years ago, that the two provide the missing nutrients or some such that are needed.

  20. Can't beat Bacon butty and Irn Bru - has sorted me out fine today!

  21. I'm a little late to this but my best cure for a hangover is to not get one in the first place! It's a balancing act for sure but over the last 25 years of drinking I have gotten pretty good at it. My tolerance is usually about 2-3 beers (6%ABV) every hour. If I keep that pace I'm usually OK. I drink a lot of water before bed as well.

    If I mess up, which happens every once in a while, my hangover cure is a meal that has a lot of bread and a bit of grease in it, like pancakes eggs and bacon. The bread absorbs the acid and helps moderate the bad feelings. I also drink a bunch of water to make sure I stay hydrated.