Thursday 26 March 2009

FAB POW! Curious Brew's Brut and Fish Fingers

FAB POW! the call of the gay superhero and the Food and Beer Pairing of the Week!

Curious Brew are the beer side of Chapel Down wines and they make three great beers which I’ve written about here. The Brut is brewed with champagne yeast and it’s a super little beer, spritzy and lively and light and elegant. It calls out for delicate seafood so what better to put with it than fish fingers?!

Fish fingers rock. Simple as that. I love them. Fish fingers, chips and baked beans is a winning dinner every time and don’t even get me started on the fish finger sandwich! It’s one of the greatest things this world has to offer. I love them.

This match is a little bit of cheeky with a little bit of classy. That’s a good fun pairing. And it’d be even better if you’ve got a Deus Brut des Flandres to open...

What good FAB combos have you had this week?!


  1. Fish finger sandwiches were always my late night snack when I finished work at the pub in my student days... great memories. i didn't have them with Deus though.
    Try Deus and oysters together... v.v. good!

  2. I haven't managed any amazing food and beer matches this week, my dissertation is due tomorrow!

    I do however have some fish fingers in the freezer and I might have a fish finger sarnie for lunch.

    Other good news, my boss at Macknade seems keen for me to give him a list of beers I think he should be stocking. He also wants to run some beer and food matching workshops soon, i'll keep you updated

  3. Pete, get back to work!! Good luck with it, I remember mine and it's a crazy time. I hope you've got some good beers lined up to celebrate finishing it, I can't remember what I had so it must've been quite a celebration!

    And that sounds great about Macknade. Email me if anything cool comes up or you want a hand with the possible beer list.

  4. I'll email you soon, a hand with a beer list and some food combos would be awesome

    Stefano at Macknade seems fairly certain we can get some of the Birrifco Italiano beers Zak Avery reviewed this month which i'll keep you updated about!

  5. Birrificio Italiano in Kent would be a major coup! And if Macknades aren't already, then they should be in contact with beermerchants - they are based just outside Maidstone.

  6. The fish finger sandwhich, much like beer, is the great leveller. I always find when discussing food, you start off with 'cool stuff' (thai, steak, bbq) and always end up with a rousing 'who likes fish finger sandwhiches then' - and that gets the most thumbs up!

  7. Leigh, I love it, allow me to mis-quote you: "Fish finger sandwiches: The great leveller!" I wonder if the Queen eats them... It's an almost certain yes, don't you think?!

  8. I'm pretty sure she has breaded lemon sole goujons served in fresh ciabatta with home made salsa verde and home made mayo!

  9. Haha, no way! She's a sliced white kinda lady (Warburtons, no less), just butter on the bread, fish fingers always from Birdseye. On occasions, rare occasions, she'll have a cheese slice in there or possibly some salad cream (always Heinz and only because she's 'feeling frisky'). Sometimes she'll have a pack of salt and vinegar chipsticks on the side.

    Rule Britannia!

  10. i agree, she's not going in for any fancy stuff, she's going in with birdseye's offerings and sliced warby's. with a pint of Landlord (or maybe a London Pride). you know it. lots of salt and vinegar.