Monday 16 November 2009

Rate Beer Hop Press

A while ago I was asked if I’d like to write for RateBeer. The idea is to get young beer writers who are not established in the mainstream to become the ‘professional’ face of RateBeer, adding unique content to their Hop Press. The hope is to make it the site for beer around the world. Seven different areas are represented by writers; six of these are in the US and one is International. I am the International man.

We each have a blog and we each have a day to post on. My day is Sunday and this is my blog. As an introduction, all of the writers have posted something today and then normal service will begin from there. This is my first post, titled My Beer and Me.

I’ve prepared some interesting blogs which will hopefully get more and different exposure to Pencil&Spoon. My blog is still my number one – it’s my baby! – but the Hop Press gives me a new space where I can try some different things. It’s basically Pencil&Spoon subbing as a ringer for another side once a week - it won’t change how I play here but it’ll give me a chance to play with others. The first post is up. The next one will be there on Sunday 22nd November. Check out the Hop Press as there are some great writers on there and hopefully it’ll become the best place on the web for varied and interesting beer content.

You may have seen me tweeting about having wordpress woes the last week or so. This is why.


  1. Congratulations, Mark! Sounds like you're gonna be busy writing. Good thing you enjoy it so much :)

  2. Cool to hear!

    By the way, since you're too soft to grow a pre-pubescent moustache (as mine is looking at the moment), am donating £10 to the Movember appeal in your name and you owe me a beer next time I see ya!


  3. Barry, I'm always busy writing so it really is lucky I love doing it!! Just think, even if I was paid miniumum wage to do it I'd be earning a fortune!!

    Kelly, I donated to Simon and I've only actually shaved a couple of times (and that's more trimmed than anything)... Cheers though, I'll be sure to buy you a beer or two (I'll need to see a picture of your Mo first though!).