Wednesday 4 November 2009

Movember Mo-Show

It’s Movember, the month of highlighting male health issues and raising money for charity by growing the ultimate symbol of effortlessly cool manliness: a moustache. Reluctant Scooper is taking part along with Thornbridge (donate to him here) and has written about it with some facts that no man should ignore. He also points me towards BrewDog who have made a beer called Movember and will donate 25% of it’s sale price to charity. Unless I missed something I haven’t heard BrewDog shouting about this one, but they really should as it’s a great thing to do. While it may not be particularly Punk and create as much publicity as making a beer as a two-finger salute to a staid institution, this deserves as much volume as everything else (it might even impress a few people) and it’s for a much worthier cause. Plus if I can buy beer (a new beer, it seems – tick!) and donate to a worthwhile charity in one transaction then I’m all for it!

I won’t personally be growing a Mo’ this year. Vanity is the main reason as it’s my birthday soon and I’ve got lots of beer events coming up (yes, this is the worst excuse ever and completely defies the object). Plus I’ve been told that I look like a paedo when I don’t shave and as I work for a college this could be an issue...

Lauren’s Grandad died earlier this year from prostate cancer so even though I won’t be moustachioed (what an awesome word) I’ll certainly be supporting everyone who does.

As well as Movember, there’s also Pints for Prostate – a beer-specific charity which a lot of US beer-bloggers support.


  1. The De Molen festival was fantastic by the way (say he apropros of nothing). Make sure you don't miss it next year.

  2. Go on, grow the stache! I would if I could.