Sunday 20 September 2009

What Eye've Been Doing This Weekend...

This blog is pretty lazy and all about me, although to keep it on topic I’ll add the beers which punctuated my long, strange weekend. It started on Friday morning. Lauren and I got the keys to our new flat. We had to be down there early and then move as much as possible in. We are on the third floor of a new block of apartments, so the whole moving in thing is a real pig – literally six doors to walk through, half push, half pull, all bloody heavy. Then, just as we got it all in, I had to shoot off to have a re-treatment of some laser eye surgery (I recommend laser eye surgery to anyone!). I wasn’t much good for anything after that so I just got pissed lying on the sofa.

Saturday I started by sorting out the beer cupboards (some pics here). That was a harrowing job. Then I had to go for a post-op eye check-up and feeling good about my new and improved vision I diverted to The Bull on the way home and shared a couple of beers with my Dad. We also happened to find Brad (from the newly re-launched Ale Affinity) propping up the bar. A couple of cracking beers were drunk – Moor Merlin's Magic and Oakham Akhenaten, the Oakham was particularly awesome and devilishly hoppy. Then I went a riotous(!) 45th wedding anniversary (the band literally played, like, two songs from the last 45 years, and both of those had a very unwelcome county-twist) and drank kegged Courage Dark Mild, which couldn’t really have been further away from the Oakham beer if it was a tree.

Today I’ve spent seven hours putting together flat-packed furniture - a bed and a wardrobe. I hate Argos. Not because there was anything wrong with what I bought, I just hate them because it took seven hours. Thank god my Dad was there to do all the difficult stuff while I held the ends up and banged in a couple of nails. We did manage a lunchtime pint in the local Wetherspoons – a floral-fruity Oakham Mompesson's Gold, which restored my love and faith in good old JDW (thankfully as the pub is five minutes walk from my door).

Right now I’m knackered. And my eye is sore. In fact, I shouldn’t even be looking at a computer screen. But I’m drinking Tokyo* and it’s every bit as good as I remember it being, so that’s making me feel a whole lot better. Although the prospect of a crazy week lies ahead – three days left at my current job, then fully move in, make up more shelves and try and get the delivery men to carry a three-seater sofa up to the third floor, all before starting my new job a week tomorrow. I might not be around much this week…


  1. I'll be praying for your eyeball. With Christ's love, your eyeball is in good hands. TTBC!

  2. I'm liking the sound of this laser eye thing. Lying on the sofa getting pissed sounds good. The trouble is I'm definitely starting to get middle age hypermetropia, which will require me to wear glasses for any close work soon anyway.