Thursday 24 September 2009

Firsty Stuff

This is the first blog from my new flat. Don’t expect any top-notch blogging tonight, it’s just a me me me post, plus I’m trying out the new laptop I bought (first post from this too). I’ve got a cool little table with a great rooftop view over Tonbridge - there’s the castle in the background and a little old fire station in the middle, there’s endlessly interesting chimneys and roof tiles, there’s houses far away in the distance creeping up the hill to Tunbridge Wells, and there’s also a lot of pigeons, which most of the time sound like they are in the final throes of death, gawking, flapping, retching.

I’ve been moving the final things in all day, then putting up flat pack and watching the delivery guys struggle to carry a very heavy sofa up four flights of stairs. Right now I’m totally knackered, I’m dirty, I’m hungry and I’m very, very thirsty. One of the first things I did, of course, was fill the fridge with beer (currently it has eight bottles of beer and a can of diet coke, that’s all). I expect I’ll drink quite a lot tonight as I sort everything out and try and find places for all my stuff.

Anyway, just a quick one, more for me than for you, I guess. I’ll be back to proper blogging soon (although, the joys of a blog are the personal touches, so a little insight is good every now and then, don’t you think?). Oh, and the first beer I plan on drinking? See if you can guess… This picture might help.


  1. I didn't know blogging could be top-notch.

    Get that bottle of Ruination down you neck!

  2. Wurst, it's all relative. Top-notch might still be rubbish, but it's relative to complete shit. Not that Mark could be accused of either, of course.

    Mark, get some cheese in that fridge! If you can't be selfish on your own blog, where the hell can you?

  3. Funnily enough, I was reviewing Brewdog's Dogma yesterday and used the phrase "new wave" to describe it.

    I also described Brewdog as being as part of a "brat pack" of breweries that are currently contributing to the new scene.

    Great article Mark: nice to see beer intellectualised like this!

  4. Apologies - the above comment was meant for the 'new wave' post.

  5. Dave, exactly! This is my blog and I'll bloody well write what I want :)