Wednesday 23 September 2009

Bottle Tops

I like bottle tops. I collect them, I guess. It’s the bottle’s crown, the last thing you see before breaking in and pouring it out and there’s plenty of scope for creativity. Some of the tops are plain or just plain boring. I don’t care for these one bit. Make an effort, that’s what I say. But some are really quite handsome. I tend to hoard them for a few months then go through a mass cull, keeping the fancier few. Maybe one day I’ll try and frame them or something.

Here are some of my favourites. And out of interest, does anyone else do this? Or are you a label peeler or bottle collector? Or is just a note and a tick in a book enough?


  1. No, but I collect the bottles for reuse for my own beers :)

    My wife started collecting the labels as she was the one who usually ended up taking the labels off the next morning, and she surprised me with a folder of labels (I hadn't realised she was keeping them). Ok, she started collecting them for me, but she's a real hoarder. I think it's bad enough I take a photo of every new beer I trey, but then I do that for the blog. That's my excuse! :)

    Oh, the verification word today is "scum". Thanks a lot blogspot!

  2. Same here :) I shoot every bottle I try so that maybe, one day, I'll make a great poster out of the collage of every photo, but in the meantime, the blog is quite a reasonable excuse :P
    Waiting for that, I collect the bottles, preferably with the top on ( read: I try to open the bottles w/out bending the cap :P ).
    Seems like I'll have to buy a new rack soon...

  3. I don't collect the caps, but I always take a good look at them. I like caps which make it easy to distinguish a bottle by its brewery.

    My favorite top of late is the wire cage from the Meantime IPA, if only for the fact it has "AN I FOR DETAL" written on the inside of it.

  4. Caps are quite a good thing to collect, now you mention it -- they're often nicely designed, very tactile, and they don't take up much space.

  5. Years ago I thought it would be cool to decorate a bag with loads of bottle tops. I punched holes through them with a nail and attached them with paper fasteners. It weighed a bloody ton.

  6. And you looked a right tosser?


  7. I take it you were never young, Peter? :)

    I can relate to the weight of bottle tops on a bag in a way, as I used to wear a sleeveless denim with a Motorhead and Hawkwind insignia on the back and numerous bits of metal and badges on the front, over a leather jacket. Not to mention the bullet belt. Of course I had considerable volumes of hair then and could carry it off (to a degree) :) Lemmy would have been proud :P

  8. Chill Baz - I was just joking with you. We all looked tossers when we were young, something the young will come to realise. (-;

  9. If you can source some small magnets, they look pretty cool on display on your beer fridge. Steve

  10. Indeed! Although I like to think of myself as still young. Until, of course, I realise that more of my hair has migrated from my head to my back :D

    (I'm always chilled, unless some German skips a queue in front of me, then I pop a fit ;o))

  11. Barry, I use the 'it's a picture for the blog' excuse quite a lot - I've got sooo many pictures of beer it's getting silly though!

    Luca, a poster/collage could be great!

    Doug, that's a great cap, I know it well.

    Bailey, they don't take up much space to begin... it soon grows, which is why every few months I have to cull the collection!

    T-Man, collecting bottle tops is cool, perhaps you are too old to get it ;)

    Steve, nice idea - shame my fridge is integrated!

    I'll have the final word: Bottle caps are cool!!

  12. yeah bottle caps are cool, i keep them all, wish i had started doing it sooner, i quite like the mythos red one along with the ones u have put up here, i've got most of them.

    ill see if i can find my faves soon!

  13. Mark I share the same sad obsession, they adorn the wall of my cellar, where the beers sleep.

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