Wednesday 7 October 2009

Stella, an All Time Low

All Time Low are my favourite band. Not many days or weeks pass when I don’t listen to their albums. The ‘There’s a story at the bottom of this bottle…’ line on my blogger profile is from one of their songs, Dear Maria, Count Me In. I saw the band play on Monday in London and they were awesome.

They released their third album, Nothing Personal, a few months ago and one song immediately caught my eye: Stella. It wasn’t until I’d listened to it a few times that I started to work out the lyrics. Here are the words (or go to the bottom of the post and play the first video to sing along - there's a few of my favourite songs are at the bottom too, just because):

3pm on my feet and staggering
Through misplaced words and a sinking feeling
I got carried away
Sick, Sick of sleeping on the floor
Another night another score
I'm jaded, bottles breaking

You're only happy when I'm wasted
I point my finger but I just can't place it
Feels like I'm falling in love
When I'm falling to the bathroom floor
I remember how you tasted
I've had you so many times- let’s face it
Feels like I'm falling in love alone
Stella would you take me home?

2am I'm on a blackout binge again
You know I don't need sleep
And I lost my keys,
But I've got so many friends
And they keep, keep me coming back for more
Another night another score
I'm faded, bottles breaking


One more reason I should never have met you
Just another reason I could never forget you
Down we go, the rooms spinning outta control
Lose yourself in a chemical moment
The night life's taking its toll
That's just the way it goes
Come on, Stella would you take me home?

Yes, a song about beer from my favourite band. And yes, I did have a pint of Stella at the gig. The music was great, the beer was terrible, but you can hardly expect a nice handpulled pint of real ale at a punk-pop concert, especially when half the people in there aren't even old enough to drink, can you? It's a shame, a Punk IPA would've been perfect.

Anyway, does anyone know of any other songs about beer or named after beer? Or, like BrewDog’s How To Disappear Completely, are there many beers named after songs? There must be quite a few out there...

The Remembering Sunday video is by sadisticxemoxwhore and it's really cool.


  1. So was Stella the song better than Stella the beer?

    And How To Disappear Completely? (I'd pick Radiohead everytime (to quote a line from the review that's sitting in my notebook!)

  2. All Time Low are pretty good. You should download soem "One Dollar Short" from Australia. I'll send you some if you can't find anything online. They broke up a few years ago.

  3. Mark, the song just took it...!

    Tim, listening to them now, they are cool - my type of music!

  4. Jesus Christ that's awful! The days of English people having taste in music is gone apparently. That crap is the same, regurgitated shit, done over and over again. I don't even know you and you've pissed me off!!!!!

  5. There's 'Special Brew and Tennents' by Inner City Unit. Like the beers, it's not very good.

    Dumpy's Rusty Nuts had 'Drinking the dog' about Newky brown. Again, not their best.

    The Macc Lads must have had quite a few beer songs too. I can remember at least one mentioning Tetley bitter. And another had the classic chours: 'Beer, beer, we want more beer, all the lads are cheering:
    'Get the fucking beer in.'

  6. Humble Pie, "Thirty Days In The Hole" is a classic anthem, but I bet Liam doesn't go back that far. Most 20 somethings musical taste goes back only 5 years.

    "Newcastle Brown, I'm tellin' you, it can sure smack you down
    Take a greasy whore and a rollin' dance floor
    It's got your head spinnin' round."

  7. Indeed, local pub, punk legends the Macc Lads did have an inordinate number of songs about drinking and or sex-probably best summed up by the famous “Beer & Sex & Chips N’ Gravy”. Specifically about beer, I can recall:
    All Day Drinking
    Eh Up Lets Sup
    Newcy Brown
    Barrel’s Round (Beer, beer, we want more beer, all the lads are cheering)
    Twenty Pints

    The more family friendly Lancashire Hotpots (who I shall be seeing on Friday) have the classic “Bitter, Lager, Cider, Ale, Stout” amongst their canon.

  8. This must be generational, The analogy means nothing to me. In fact, less than nothing.