Tuesday 27 October 2009

Beer Swap: Buy, Send, Receive, Drink, Write!!

Alright then. We’ve done all the calling for swappers and now we have the final list. Instead of randomly drawing names we split the list into North and South and then further into bloggers and tweeters. We then hand-paired everyone up based on where you are from, what you do (blog/tweet) and where you want to drink from and in most cases it’s interweaving, so you won’t be doing a straight swap with just one other person (there are a couple of exceptions). We are keeping the draw secret for now (because it’s more fun that way!) and won’t publish it whole, instead you will each get an email in the next day with the details of who you send to and their address (you won’t know who is sending to you until you get the beer or unless they contact you). It looks like everyone can use Collect Plus, so this looks like the best option (it’s £4 compared to four-times that with Royal Mail) – details will follow on the email from anyone who might not be familiar with their service.

One idea which has come up (thanks to Tania) is using a beerswap blog to collect everything together at the end and allow everyone to post what they got and what it was like. This is a good idea so if we can work out a good way of doing that then we will. Existing bloggers could just copy and paste from their blog or add a link across.

Here’s the list of Beer Swappers, twitter name followed by a link to their website:

markdredge - Visit website
chilliupnorth - Visit website
edwards80 - Visit website
steelrazor / HopZine - Visit website
RichardMackney - Visit website
reluctantscoop - Visit website
unclewilco - Visit website
BGRTRob / HopZine - Visit website
petebrissenden - Visit website
SeanEClark - Visit website
woolpackdave - Visit website
ToonBeerFest - Visit website
the_beer_bear - Visit website
kristym809 - Visit website
adamcroft - Visit website
mitcheladams / thatchersarms - Visit website
fletchthemonkey / realalereviews Visit website
Samlanes /realalereviews - Visit website
Alan Walsh realalereviews - Visit website

We’re delighted to have so many taking part and what better way to use social media than to swap a few beers around and then talk about them?! We’ve done our bit and now it’s over to you to buy and send and receive and drink. You all know the rules (if not then look here). You all know the 4th December deadline, which means it’ll be good to post your beer off in the next 2 weeks. In the meantime, keep twitter busy by using @beerswap and #beerswap so then we can all track the action. Hopefully you'll all enjoy some great beers in the next few weeks.

Any problems with any of the links then let me know and I'll fix them.


  1. Wow, What an amazing turnout. I'm getting excited now, I wonder who I will get to send my selection to and I wonder who's beer I will receive!

    The centralised blog already exists on http://beerswap.posterous.com. This platform allows for anyone to post just by emailing or even just copying content from another blog using the Bookmarklet it is extremely simple to cross post every #beerswap write up :)


  2. Ah - what a great idea - just annoyed I missed out on the deadline. Hoping you're already planning another swap :)

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