Friday 4 November 2011

The Session #57: Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are wonderful things. There's a simplicity to them which makes you feel like you've misbehaved at the back of the classroom or stolen a biscuit while your mum isn't looking. It's a big bowl of pink Bird's trifle, fish fingers and oven chips on a Friday night, a bag of pick n mix at the cinema. It's being a kid whilst being an adult.

With beer it's different. It requires a grown up approach because there's no link to childhood. It’s then about doing the things you probably shouldn't and taking a lot of simple pleasure out of it.

For me that means one thing: drinking a beer straight from the bottle. Cold from the fridge, the crown cap is flicked off and the glass middle-man is left out, favouring the direct route. It makes beer feel different, feel naughty, like I'm a poorly behaved beer geek.

It’s not for every bottle and every beer. 500ml handfuls are not cool, bombers or 750s just make you look like a desperate alcoholic, bottle-conditioned beers get a bit roughed up and strong beer just feels like driving too fast in the opposite direction, but 330s of lager or pale ale are perfect. Forget the glass, the swirls and the sniffs, take it straight from the fridge, a kiss of the bottle opener and then one on the lips.

And even better than bottles? Beer straight from the can. What's your guilty beer pleasure?

This month's Session is hosted by Steve at Beers I've Known.


  1. I don't like drinking from the bottle because you can't get a big enough mouthful! I drink straight from the fridge though sometimes. And punk from the can.

  2. "With beer it's different. It requires a grown up approach because there's no link to childhood."

    Actually, I was allowed to drink beer in small quantities as a child - being able to drink it at all was a guilty pleasure at the time...

    Nowadays, my guiltiest beer pleasure is probably buying lots of expensive American beer. (Either that or leaving work in the early afternoon to see if there's any interesting beer in the pub.)

  3. While drafting my post, I didnt even think of that. Great point, I have no problem with straight from bottle. As long as you enjoy it. Cheers

  4. I'm drinking an O'Hara's IPA from a 500ml bottle right now. Going down a treat!

  5. I spotted a group of unfortunate homeless people/tramps (take your choice) drinking Chimay Bleue straight from the bottle in Brussels recently. Beats Gordon's Finest Gold I suppose.

  6. My guilty pleasure is crap lager. I'll happily tank carlsberg or fosters when I've not got much cash or there's nothing else available. And you know what? I don't care.