Sunday 27 November 2011

Where shall we eat?

We meet straight from work. Pints all round. How’s work? How was your day? Where shall we eat? All I’ve had today is a sandwich. Where shall we go next?

To the next pub. Pints all round. This is good. How’s yours. What you up to tomorrow? Did you see... have you heard...? I’m hungry, where shall we get food? Fancy a decent burger somewhere? Maybe that new place everyone’s talking about.

To the next pub. A couple of halves each. Try this one, it’s great. This isn’t so good. What did you order? What are the girls up to? How’s things with you two? Did you see the game last night? I need to eat something – where shall we go?

To the next pub. Just grab a half and go. They got any crisps? The barmaid was fit but the beer here is shit. No hanging around. Where next?

To the next pub. Pints all round. Fuck that. What the shit. She did what? Oh my god. I’m fucking starving. Need food.

To the next pub. Final pints all round. Stumble out, look around. Sandwich at the station or take away on the train?


  1. that sums up my life quite well.

  2. were you with me last Friday?? :)

  3. The absence of food is the scourge of post-work beers.

    Part of the problem is that, if it's a school night, you have a limited window of opportunity, and eating tends to, er, eat into your drinking time, so it's a much lower priority...

  4. Meet straight from work at a Spoons. Cheap beer, cheap carbs. Job done. Move on.

  5. Never really "got" after-work drinking. Either you end up on an all-night pub crawl and get far more wasted than you intended, or you cut it short and it throws you off your stride for the rest of the evening.

  6. Cornish Pastie from the Pastie Shop at the Station!