Sunday 13 November 2011

Beer with a view

The insides of pubs are fascinating places. Each unique with their own quirks of personality whether from the people or the way it's decorated. It makes pub going interesting and varied. The outside of pubs are interesting too: crusty old buildings with a big back story, new bars which shine under illuminating lights, pubs that look wonderful or horrible and then deliver the opposite inside. But what about the view you get when facing away from the bar and at the things around it.

Yesterday we went to the Free Trade Inn in Newcastle and the view was as amazing as the beer list. A flat stretch of the Tyne, bridges, big old buildings, a setting sun. A fantastic city centre view. Other pubs, The Bull in Horton Kirby or The Thatchers Arms in Mount Bures, have views of unending countryside. Some hang into the sea like Whistable Brewery Bar or, just along the beach, the Old Neptune. Some sit at the foot of mountains, some at the top of big hills, some show the city off while others are surrounded by green.

What better than a great pint with a stunning view. There must be so many other pubs with incredible views, backdrops and surroundings. Where are the best?


  1. Used to love The Station Inn at Ribblehead, view out the back of the magnificent Ribblehead viaduct and Whernside, the highest of the Three Peaks. Beer wasn't bad either!

  2. The Anchor Inn at Seatown in Dorset is wonderful. Super local ales and sits off a beautiful shingle beach just beneath the Golden Cap, the highest point in the county. Photo here
    Had one of my all time favourite pints (Palmer's Copper) there after an arduous 12 mile cliff walk.

  3. The Cat & Fiddle in Cheshire, on the pass of the same name. I think, after the Tan Hill Inn, this is the second highest pub in Britain.

  4. I used to go to the Arms in Cresswell Quay (Pembrokeshire) in my uncle's wee dinghy if the tide was right. Drinking a pint of firewater while looking back at the view the river was a very relaxing experience - even if we did have to be wary of the tide so we could get back.

  5. Sitting outside at the Ben Nevis Inn was about as spectacular as it gets.

  6. skuttersrule - Wow, that's an incredible viaduct! What a sight!

    Bumpby - Beautiful. You can't beat drinking by the sea.

    Curmudgeon - Woah, that view goes on FOREVER!

    Gareth - Fantastic!

    Jonathan - Amazing! And what a way to build a thirst.

  7. Good question. In my experience, sadly, pubs with good views often rely *just* on the good view... one of the pubs round here with the most impressive outlooks also has absolutely the most rotten beer we've tasted for a few years, as well as a surly landlord. "Look out the frigging window at the frigging sea and shut up!" (He didn't say that, but he might as well have done.)

  8. The view from the beer garden at the Wasdale Head in Cumbria is fantastic.

    Other Cumbrian pubs like the Kirkstone Pass Inn and Kirkstile Inn also have cracking views.

    Also, the bar at the Tate Modern has a good view of St Paul's Cathedral.

  9. I could have sat in that pub looking at that view all night, (good to meet you at last on Saturday by the way). As I was drinking, I thought about sitting on that stool by that window at various points through the seasons, imagine it immediately after a heavy snowfall, sipping a glass of that Vitesse Noir, marvellous.

    Which brings me nicely onto a pub with a fantastic view up the Hardknott pass, The Woolpack in Eskdale, stunning location.

    Cheers Phil

  10. The Captain Kidd in Wapping has great views across London, especially Canary Wharf. It's a Sam Smiths pub as well so v cheap. Very nice staff as well.

  11. The Worms head, Rhossili, Gower has amazing views looking out over the 'worm' which juts out to sea and down over Llangennith beach. Fantastic spot to watch the paragliders bounce along the cliff side in the wind, a vast pale sandy beach (the best beach in South Wales for surf probably).. Was very spoilt to grow up nearby.

  12. The pub with the best location/view has to be The Old Forge in Knoydart. Surrounded on three sides by mountains and with a spectacular view over Barrisdale Bay on the 4th, it is a truly magical view if the weather is good.

    The downside is that despite being on the UK mainland, it is the UK's most isolated pub. The only way to get there is either a 15 mile walk or a 60minute ferry journey.

  13. You can't beat the view from the beer garden of the Clachaig Inn, in Glencoe!

  14. On a more positive note, the beer garden at the top of the Staffelberg near Bad Staffelstein in Franconia has to have the best view from a boozer we've ever come across.

    Can't find a pic that does it justice but, basically, Germany. All of it.

  15. We're staying just around the corner from here next summer
    looks pretty good!

  16. My local, the Lionheart, here in Albany, has not the most pitcuresque view of it's surroundings, but without a doubt, has the best people watching in the city!

  17. Hehe, can't beleive I've not thought about this before! I'll get my thinking cap on! Not been, but The Tan Hill is the highest - must be awesome in the summer!

  18. I took nearly exactly the same photo. What a cracking pub, and a great day.

  19. The Queens Head in Maldon, with a nice piece of fish for dinner and a pint of Mighty Oak Maldon Gold looking out towards the Thames Barges on the quay and the Blackwater estuary.

    Essex does have some good points to it after all!

  20. awv - All of them are fantastic. All you need is a couple of pints and a good seat and you're sorted!

    Kieran - I was hoping for some views to London as I'll be able to get to them and see for myself! There must be a few along the river edge which are pretty cool.

    Olive Green - I love drinking on the beach!

    Beermunster - Sounds like a trek worth making!

    Toine - Wow! Amazing mountains.

    Bailey - I've just remembered some amazing views in Greece, either on the beach or hanging over rocks with beautiful sunsets.

    Peter - Sure does! Take a picture!

    Craig - I love a bit of people watching!

    Leigh - It had better be good given the effort it takes to get there!

    Anon - Sounds great - something different and interesting to look at, as well!

    I'm now craving a massive wander around the world to find the best views to go with a pint... How can I spin that one?!

  21. Two of my favourites:
    The Old Dungeon Ghyll in Great Langdale, the Lake District. Great place to crash for a few beers after getting up and down Scafell Pike with stunning views.
    The Warren House Inn in Postbridge, Devon. An isolated pub with superb panoramic views of Dartmoor. Used to sell a cracking pint of Moonraker. A few of them and a glorious sunset = heaven on Earth.

  22. One of my favourites; The Ty Coch Inn, Porthdinllaen, Gwynedd, N. Wales.

  23. kirkstile in the lakes, nothing comes close!!!