Saturday 12 December 2009

I’ve tried the Penguin

I’ve tried the Penguin.
Just a sip.
Tom passed it over,
He said try this.
Dark and still,
It lulled in the glass.
The nose is gentle,
But it’s deep and intense.
Richly barrelled, sweet and smoky,
Dark chocolate, berries and history.
A taste.
Just a sip.
Big, boozy, bold.
This is beer? Yes, it’s beer.
Whisky warmth, peaty smoke,
Port-like sweetness, chocolate notes.
Hardly Antarctic, it left a burn,
I sip some more then give up my turn.
Big, hot, involved,
It’s going to make you think.
What am I drinking?
What is this thing?
Be careful, be open-minded,
Be intrigued, be impressed.
The Penguin is here,
It’s a lot more than just a beer.

Tom in The Rake (judging by his rate it made him go all poetic too) was passing this around to a lucky few. My bottle is at home where I am Tactically storing it in the fridge in case it goes Nuclear. I can’t wait to try it again. I need to get my head around it - it’s like nothing else. It’s one of those beers to share with a group of friends. It’s one to talk about, that’s for sure. It’s more than just beer because it’s so disputed, rare and strong. I can’t wait for more because I want to know how it really tastes when I sit down and really experience it.

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