Sunday 26 July 2009

Let's go for a beer

If you ever wanted to know just why beer is so special to so many people then the first person you should see is Pete Brown. He has a way of saying the things that we already know about beer but don’t have the capacity or the words to say it ourselves. Check out this post about Barack Obama offering a couple of chaps over to The White House for a beer. Pete sums it up better than anyone else could. In doing this Obama is holding out the hand of friendship and filling it with a cold bottle of beer, bringing everyone onto the same level and saying, we are all just men here, let’s share a beer, sort out our problems and then chat about baseball and movies and whatever else. This one act encapsulates just why beer is the coolest and best drink in the world and why Barack Obama is the coolest man in the universe.

This clip is Obama throwing the first pitch of the 2009 Baseball All-Star Game. If you were in any doubt about how cool the man is then just check this out.

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