Sunday 12 October 2008

Pencil&Spoon - The Future

So Pencil&Spoon has been around for over a year now and I’ve decided to change a few things. From now on Pencil&Spoon will live its life as a ‘proper’ blog as opposed to a website. I don’t know enough about these computer thingies to keep up a website, so this is the future. The old stuff will remain because it’s taken a lot of finger-tip-tapping to get all that on there, and I’ll be honest, I’ve grown rather attached to it over the last year. Pencil&Spoon (the website, not the blog) is not changing and there’ll still be recipes, beer, tasting notes and food and beer pairing, just now there will be more of it in smaller, tasty chunks.

I also have another blog now (I’ve been busy and needed the P&S downtime to sort myself out a bit!), with the glorious address of It does have a pseudo of Fade Out Boy and this is me trying to become a screenwriter (I also talk a bit about beer over there).

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