Tuesday 25 October 2011

Show Boat Brown Ale - 26 October

This won’t happen often but I’m promoting the day job while I work on building a blog for the brewery… The thing is, Camden Town Brewery are tapping a new beer for the first time tomorrow (26 October) and I’d like lots of people to be there to drink it with us.

It’s at Joe’s in Camden and we’ll be there from 6.30pm – the beers are on us (and some hot dogs, too). If you are free and would like a few beers then it’d be great to see you there. There’s more details on the Facebook page including how we decided on the name Show Boat and how it’s made.


  1. You know what I loved in New York? Hot dogs. I came back to England confused as to why we don't make a bigger deal of them over here. People are artisan burger mad but nobody cares for the hot dog. The hot dog is like one of the few genuine national dishes in the US that has variation from region to region. Somebody needs to open a restuarant in London that does hot dogs to their full potential.

    Also, nobody is making a decent American brown ale over here. The best one I've had is when Brew Wharf did their version of Tasty McDole's "Janet's Brown Ale".

    I'm waffling now. See you there.

  2. Nice label! As for US Brown Ales - you both might be interested to know that Dark Star and Magic Rock have just this weekend brewed 'Rock Star' - a US Brown ale. After speaking to both Dark Star Mark and the Magic Rock guys at the SIBA North on Thursday, it sounds pretty special.