Thursday 13 October 2011

London Brewers Alliance Showcase 2011

This year has seen a boom in London breweries and there are more coming next year. That’s pretty exciting. What’s more exciting is that all of the current ones will be pouring their beers at BrewWharf on Saturday 22 October for their annual Showcase event.  

Tickets are £20. That gets you inside and it gets you eight half pints (you can buy extra if that doesn’t quench your thirst and everyone will be pouring samples, I'm sure). One of those half pints is for the special collaboration beer that all the breweries made at Windsor & Eton. It’s a big IPA with all kinds of different hops and hop additions in there, including a big sack of fresh green hops.

It’s the only chance all year you’ll get to try all the London brewery beers in one place and it’s a real celebration of London brewing. Last year it was a brilliant event and this year will be no different.

I’ll be there working on the Camden Town Brewery bar so if you go you’ll get to see my pint-pouring skillz.


  1. This clashes with a Mikkeller meet the brewer at Cask. I literally feel like I'm being made to pick between my Mum and Dad. Baadd times.


  2. The clash is bad. Not being able to go to either is worse!

    Go to the LBA event, come with me to Copenhagen:

  3. Works out at a fiver a pint, which is cheaper than normal BrewWharf prices, isn't it? ;)

  4. I hope to make both events. I may need to schedule a liver transplant for the 23rd...

  5. I'm in the U.S., so I definately can't go—and the 22d is my birthday! Bawwaaahhhh!

  6. Mark, your pint pouring skillz are going to need some polishing next week. I think you need to be chief pint pourer for all us brewers next week.

  7. Hmmm, I really want to go to this but I've only recently moved to London and don't know any one who is interested in beer enough to pay £20 to go to this, anyone else going that would mind hanging around with a young northern irish chap for a few hours to spare him the awkwardness of drinking alone in the corner?

  8. Barm - That's a bargain in London now!

    Pete - I do need a lot of practice...

    Hammy48 - I'm sure there will be others in the same situation! Beer is always a great leveller and a great way of bringing people together!