Thursday 4 August 2011

GBBF so far...

Have you been yet? If so, what’s been good?

My highlights from Tuesday’s session were Thornbridge Kipling (I don’t think there are many better cask beers brewed in Britain...), Brewsters Hophead, Arbor's Yakima Valley, an unspellable (lots of funny words and accents) Czech beer which contained coriander which was really good, Matuska Golden Rocket IPA and a lambic aged in Laphroig casks which was insane and brilliant (but only if you love sour beer and Islay whisky). The worst beer was Ballast Point’s Habanero Sculpin IPA. The normal Sculpin IPA is a fantastic beer but this was like drinking a combination of fire and hot sauce and in an already over-heating Earls Court it wasn’t a fun taste.

I’m going back again today and hoping to see more US and Czech beers on the bar (there are some really good Czech beers there) to be mixed with random choices of British beers to try and find some new breweries I’ve not tried before.


  1. Ah, you mean the Pivovar Broumov Opat Kvasnicak nefiltrovane coriander! That was pretty amazing. Holden's Old Ale was also rather good.

    P.S. Left the accents off as can't remember where they went

  2. Which lambic was it that was aged in Laphroaig casks? I'd really like to try something like that!

  3. @Toine That would be the Revelation Cat - 3 Year Old Lambic (Laphroaig Cask) 5% - insane beer!

    My favourites on Tuesday was Left Hand Black Jack Porter and Bristol Beer factory Acer. Both lovely beers!

  4. Best beer IMHO was Thornbridge Jaipur, no Thornbridge Kipling, no Jaipur... decisions, decisions

  5. great to have a beer with you on Tuesday, Mark. i'm still reeling from the Habanero sculpin. Phew. hot hot hot.
    The czech beers have been knockout for me. The fastball 9 and the coriander were superb and the range available was fantastic. The two year old cantillon had me coming back for more.

  6. 26 beers are going on today on the US side. I went on Wednesday drinking dirt cheap lambic, Tipopils and other rare ones. I love the BSF stall, nice to see friendly faces behind the bar. Less said for the rather boring cask range. I trust you had the bargain Tipopils, £8 is cheap for that beer.