Friday 7 May 2010

Vote for the Rum, Coffee and Coconut Imperial Stout!

Sometimes I write things off the cuff which get picked up by others. Last week BrewDog asked fans to suggest a beer for them to brew as a summer special and they short-listed 10. When I looked through the list I saw something very familiar... a 10% rum-barrel aged coffee and coconut imperial stout, something I had mentioned in this post - it seems I wasn’t the only one who thought this sounded like just about the most delicious beer in the whole world! You can now vote for it here (there are other options but they all sound rubbish compared to the rum-coffee-coconut monster).

And cheers to Tom Mann for suggesting it!


  1. I dunno. After making a Nelson Sauvin Single Hop IPA earlier this year, I'd love to see a professional do one with a Belgian twist :D

  2. Dudes, it's all about the Passion Fruit and Mango Wheat beer.

    The idea being for it to be a super light and spritzy summer beer with bags of fruity sweetness.

    21st Amendment in the US do something similar with Watermelon. I can't think of a more refreshing combination than Passion Fruit, Mango and Wheat beer to enjoy in the summer sun!

    Hops would be New Zeland Motueka because they bring a bright, tropical, exotic fruitiness to beer that's really unique.

    The stout does sound pretty special I have to admit, but I fancy something completely different from Brewdog. They've done imperial stouts, they've done super charged IPAs ... let's have something they've never touched before!

  3. Hmm. Sounds more like a cliché than a beer.I quite like what Chunk says though you'd have to watch the sweetness. Like a hawk.

    I'd just like them to have a couple of signature cask beers that are widely available and consistent.

  4. Marks imperial stout idea sounds pritty good but its true they have all ready done imperial stout almost to death. How about a sherry cask aged 15% barley wine??

  5. I wanted them to do Nanny State, only sell it at a much higher price. I'll be abstaining from this one...

  6. Barry, I'm slightly indifferent towards big hops and Belgian yeast. Punk Monk is great but there is something jarring about Raging Bitch for me. Give it a go and i'll happily drink it though!

    Chunk, that does sound pretty good and it would be nice to see something different from Brewdog. However, citing Watermelon Wheat is a bad example - it's pretty horrible (although all the other 21A beer are great!). The big stout isn't exactly a summer beer either, but hey, it sounds good!

    Tandleman, I agree. When they get cask right they can be very good. Trashy Blonde in Spoons was delicious and cask zeitgeist can be fantastic. I would like to see 77 a little wider.

    Rob, they've never done a coffee and coconut imperial stout aged in rum barrels :) That barley wine sounds good, although I wasn't keen on the latest Mikkeller/Brewdog Devine Rebel. I'm very towards seeing them do something refined, to be honest, not smack-you-in-the-face with flavour (despite calling for the beer I am!!).

    Sid, maybe they could package it in a 750ml champagne bottles too? In a nice box...

  7. Hi Mark - that sounds fucking horrid, too much going on. However that is kinda how I roll

    I propose some sort of taste off if it comes to fruition?

  8. One of my favs is the Devine Rebel and Abstrakt and Bismarck was stunning. I voted a 15% IPA as I think that would be good and more consumable than their Bismarck. I originally wanted them to produce a lambic as with the Cad in tow they have an ideal taster. Instead the put cola like sour beer after a post. Damn. I updated my blog again. Check it out. P.S. I'm in London on Saturday there are EXCLUSIVE Brewdog beers on at Tate. See you then.