Wednesday 3 March 2010

How much alcohol...

I like to check what people are searching for when they land on this blog. The most common is 'pencil and spoon', as you might expect, and most searches are quite normal (Chimay comes up a lot, so do hits on Thornbridge, Marble and BrewDog). But then there are the weird searches. Some don’t really make sense, some make you question the state of mind of people, others are just strange ('pierced arse pics' was one a few months ago). And then there are the funny searches. I might get one or two of these a month, but they are always my favourites. Yesterday, at 4.45am, someone landed on my blog after searching ‘how much alcohol do you need to get 3 people drunk for 7 nights’. I am the second link down in the google search.

Obviously I hope that I was helpful and provided them with the answer they wanted, however, as I’ve never formally addressed the subject of how much alcohol you need to get three people drunk for seven nights, I thought I’d better put together a quick post, just in case the person is still searching for the answer, or someone needs to know in the future.

There are things to consider. Firstly, how drunk do you want to be for the seven nights? Do you want to stay drunk during the day or will the drinking be strictly limited to nights? Is there a maximum budget? What do you actually want to drink? Where will you be (do you need appropriate glassware or can you drink straight from a bottle, do you need to carry the alcohol somewhere for a trip)? And, will you have a fridge to keep everything nicely chilled? When you have thought about these then you are in a good position to answer the question.

Unfortunately I don’t know the definite answer to this, I’m afraid, but I’m hoping others will know. So, anyone, how much alcohol do you need to get three people drunk for seven nights?

If I were to guess, I’d say that three people could each drink a steady maximum of eight pints of beer a day (assuming it's not strong), which is 168 pints in total for the week. The logical suggestion is therefore to get two firkins as a starting point. Then, I would take a crate each, so 24 mixed bottles per person. And you will want a bottle of whisky each, of course. That should do it on the booze front. Then you might like a couple of bottles of water and I suggest some family-size packs of crisps. I hope this helps.


  1. Congratulations, thanks to this post you are now the FIRST link in the google search ;)

  2. If you noticed a search on "Ebony hot lesbians", that was me. Sorry.

  3. sounds about right to me nice one Mark

  4. Alcohol volumes sound about right.

    What you forget to mention is industrial sized packs of paracetamol and a decent curry/kebab house on speed dial!

  5. The number for a pizza place could also come in handy.