Saturday 13 March 2010

Fuller's Bengal Lancer

I had this at the London Drinker beer festival on Thursday and I loved it. I saw a bottle in Waitrose and I bought it. The bottle is open now. The aroma is deliciously enticing: citrus, spice, marmalade, grapefruit, sweet bread. It's very, very good, better than I expected it to be. Smooth, big, full, peppery marmalade, toast, bitter at the side of the mouth, a quenching, dry finish, come-drink-me-now good. I will buy some more bottles this week, you should too.


  1. What's "Waitrose"?

    If heard of Sainsbury's, is it something similar?

  2. Didn't realise this was coming in bottles. Is this going to be a Fuller's regular (or even semi-regular)? Certainly seems to be popular on cask wherever it turns up.

  3. I think it's fair to assume Herr'man thought it was shit. You southern softies don't know how to hop ale properly. I will look for this and video beer review it.

  4. I went into a Fullers pub on Saturday evening and the pump clip was turned about face :-(

    Bottle of 1845 was a good substitute though.