Sunday 21 March 2010

The Hop Press: A Fast Cask

For this week’s Hop Press post I’ve written about Marston’s new Fast Cask initiative. I’ve basically taken Pete’s, Roger’s and the Publican's posts and squashed them together, asking the most important question at the end: if this works with yeast, could it work with hops and could we therefore got ‘cask hopped’ beer?!


  1. Hi

    immobilise enzymes have been used for a while in bio tech industry, I even did some as an under grad.

    But I though there was some limitation to immobilised yeast/ bacteria, but it should be interesting if they release the tech data

  2. It seems to me that this separates the two function of 'clarity' and 'conditioning' The immobilised yeast performs the conditioning if there is any residual fermentability, if not you would need to prime the casks.
    To achieve clarity you would need to filter the beer before racking. This would change the flavour and character of the beer and to me this really misses the point of real ale.

  3. Neil form what i have head a lot of cask beer is filtered and re-seeded with yeast, its just not publicized that much