Sunday 7 February 2010

The Hop Press: Something Sour; Part of the Journey

This entry to the Hop Press is rolled together last-minute and talks about my new love for sour beer (surpassing tongue-ripping, hop-heavy beers) and how I crave them in the middle of drinking sessions. It also looks at a progression of beer drinking, which I think goes a little like this: lager, ale, dark ale, strong ale, imperial stout, big IPAs, sours, session beer and lager. It’s a list of the developing tastes of someone who loves different beers and a natural step from one to the next finishing up back where it all started with a new appreciation of the wonderful simplicity of good session ale or lager.

This is set to auto-publish as I will be computer-less while in San Francisco (but I'll still be blogging via my blackberry). While we’re here, today is Superbowl Sunday. Apparently this is a big deal, like FA Cup Final Day, or something. Personally, I don’t get American football. The stop-starting bores the hell out of me. I think I’ll try and watch the game though, maybe I’ll learn something. Anyway... as long as I’ve got a good beer all will be well!

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