Friday 5 February 2010

And so it begins...

I made it to San Francisco. Wake up at 4.30am; drive to the airport; a delayed flight; a short layover in snowy, grey Germany; 11 hours in a shitty, cheap plane seat with crap food and terrible movies (made bareable by two very good books and some good music); a landing which I thought was going to be in the bay; a BART ride made interesting by a weird trampish guy with gangsta hair; lots of rain; the smallest hotel room ever seen; a shower shared between 20 (not simultaneously); something called the MUNI; a few wrong turns; and finally, sweetly, wonderfully, I arrive at the Toronado.

The Toronado: I love it. I'm here now. Grungy, dark, beer memorabilia everywhere, a dizzying number of pumps, a board full of beer, cool tattooed barmen, rock music. I choose Pliny the Elder, of course. It's incredible. Racer 5 next. Incredible too. This is the beer I was drinking before and after I won the award which paid for this trip. It's a special beer to me because of that. Right now it tastes perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I've been awake for 24 hours but fuck it, I don't care. I'm drinking great beer in an awesome bar. So begins my week in San Francisco.

(By the way, expect swearing, excessive use of exclamation marks, bad or non-existent grammer, woeful spelling and general silliness from these gonzo posts, most of which will be in a bar when I'm half-pissed)


  1. I'm well jealous, must try and get to SF beer week some year soon.

  2. Your fears about the hotel room were justified then, by the sounds of it.

    Looking forward to those Gonzo posts, should pass some time in the office next week reading them.

  3. Don't try and do it all at once, but you've done the hard bit. Relax and just enjoy it - the surroundings and culture as well as the beer.

  4. Good stuff! It's a great landing, over the Marin hills and then the bay. Beautiful city, isn't it?

    I remember a very tired walk to the Rogue Bar on Union and Columbus and having a sleepy hit of IPA with the missus. Wonderful :-)

    Enjoy it. Personally I can't wait to return.

  5. Sounds great! Looking forward to reading more about the trip.

  6. Shocking picture of the year alert! I'm guessing that draught beer list was quite impressive...

    Drink lots of water.

  7. Looking forward to the swearing! :D

    Have a great time, and yes, enjoy the whole cultural experience :)

  8. Now then Young Dredge - did you get any Pliny the Younger? I see the brewpub ran out in mere hours.

    No doubt the locusts descended, and now growlers will be popping up on eBay...

  9. Ah, you are in my old hood! I used to live round the corner. Exciting.

    That landing always feels like it's going to be in the Bay. I used to think it was, and every time I came home to SF I'd drowned and gone to heaven.

  10. Ghost of Sausage6 February 2010 at 22:08

    Get yourself to Mangolia's up the road, followed by The Pig & Whistle just around the corner.