Sunday 18 September 2011

Purkmistr and Slunce ve Skle festival

Purkmistr: a brewery, a bar, a restaurant, a hotel and a three-lane bowling alley, just outside one of the greatest brewing cities in the world, Pilsen.

Once a year at Purkmistr is Slunce ve Skle. A Czech craft beer festival with hundreds of different beers in a wide spectrum of styles: pilsners, pale ales, porters. It shows the other side of Czech beer away from just the golden pints of lager. Beers brightly hopped with US varieties, full bodied stouts, estery wheatbeers, small-scale pilsners, bacony rauchbier. A fantastic variety of beers in a brilliant location: a courtyard with bars at the perimeter, open air, sausages sizzling in two corners, a young and impressed crowd sipping from either tiny sampling glasses or handled half pints.

If you want to see where Czech beer is going then visit Slunce ve Skle. Stay in the Purkmistr hotel, try their house beers (really good dark lager and American Pale), have a game of bowling. But also go into Pilsen, visit Pilsner Urquell, see and taste the history.

Czech craft beer is really interesting right now. Look at the brews that the Sheffield/Euston/York Taps have to see some of the best available in the UK: Kocour, Matuska (these are two of the best I tried) and more to come. Prague and Pilsen should be on every beer lover's list of places to go for a pint. Purkmistr is the perfect base in Pilsen, just a short taxi from the centre. And if you can coincide your stay with the beer festival then you'll be very pleased you did.


  1. A great festival indeed. The kind that can leave both geeks and pissheads equally satisfied. And Pilsen is a great beer town, too...

    PS: It was nice meeting you personally, BTW.

  2. you mentioned euton tap in london in your post.Yes they do sell different czech beers but the way they serve them is just disgusting.Specially if you are/or lived in Czech Republic and therefore you know how great it could taste.