Thursday 21 April 2011

Win a trip to Pilsner Urquell

Going to Pilsner Urquell brewery was one of my favourite moments of last year and drinking the beer in the cellars was stunning and unforgettable.

Next month, at the European Beer Bloggers Conference, Pilsner Urquell are sponsoring the Friday night session and will be bringing traditional oak barrels filled with unfiltered, unpasteurised beer. If that’s not exciting enough, they are also holding a competition to take one blogger to Pilsen to see the brewery.

All the details for the competition are here. You just need to write a blog post on ‘a legend related to brewing or beer’. Make of that what you want. The closing date is the 8th May. The only requirement Pilsner Urquell have specified is that you must already be signed up for the Conference to enter (you can still sign up before you enter the competition!).

It’s a chance not to be missed – I would go back to the brewery in an instant. I also can’t wait to spend a night drinking the good stuff from oak barrels at the Conference.

Sorry this is quite a specific blog post aimed at only a narrow audience. It’s just too good an opportunity and I had to pass it on!


  1. Que a lot of posts on the best legend of beer there is: Michael Jackson! :)

  2. Obviously I won't be entering, but I might write a piece about a beer legend anyway - Josef Groll. The man that created Pilsner Urquell to begin with, a right grumpy, miserable sod of a man. You just have to love a man that died in the pub, drinking his own beer.