Monday 25 April 2011

Open It! Reminder: 29 April – 2 May

Don’t forget, Open It is this coming weekend. It’s a reason and an excuse to open a bottle of beer you’ve been meaning to open for ages and enjoy it. And whether you do it alone or with a group of friends, make sure you tell others about it on twitter (#openit), facebook or in blogs (but don’t use it as a willy-waving competition – it’s for sharing the experience of a beer you’ve wanted to try for ages and saying whether it met, exceeded or failed your expectations).

29 April – 2 May. Just Open it!


  1. Thank's for the heads up. I've opened my special can of Skol.

  2. When's the willy-waiving competition then ?

  3. The persons who drink every tiem he looks for an excuse to drink.Whether its week day or week end.Go an Enjoy......But there should be limit in every thing.