Tuesday 1 March 2011

I'm Proud of British Beer

Are you proud of British beer? I like this film a lot. It's an industry effort, from the big to the small, the growers, makers and sellers; it's about time we had something which shows off the variety of beer making we have in Britain. And pride is definitely the right word: there's a lot of passionate people involved in this and they are all very proud to do what they do. I'm proud to drink British beer and I'm proud to write about it and I do it because I love it. I'll raise a pint to that.


  1. I think this film is effing great...its just what we need really. Since starting work as a barman i've really atarted to enjoy learning about and selling this wonderful product that is beer. We get alot of our beer direct from local brewers and I normally get chatting to them, and they genuinely are proud and happy to be doing what they are doing. And who can blame them??

  2. My first job was as a barman in the UK and my new job is to sell ale and beer...in the UK. The new push for British beer is nothing but healthy. UK beer is amongst the absolute best in the world and should be absolutely revered and supported into the future.