Monday 20 September 2010

Manchester and Huddersfield Twissup: The Details

We now have a plan for the Manchester and Huddersfield Twissup (the joint visit was the winner) thanks to Dominic from Marble Brewery and Rich from myBrewerytap.

We meet at Manchester Piccadilly train station at 11.30am. From here we’ll go to Marble Brewery for a tour with Dominic and Colin and then to the Marble Arch for some beers. After this Dominic will lead the procession to Bar Fringe and then The Angel (or maybe the other way around).

From here we head back to Manchester Piccadilly and jump on a train to Huddersfield. It’s about £12 return so not too much for everyone. There are two possible stops - Stalybridge or Marsden - but we’ll only do one. Marsden has the Riverhead pub and brewery which sounds pretty good and could be a food stop. After this it’s back on the train to Huddersfield.

In Huddersfield we stop at The Grove (dribble at the beer list), either first or last. The other options are The Kings Head, The Star Inn and the Rat and Ratchet taking us up until around 10-11pm and then most will need to head off. If anyone needs hotels then you’ll need to sort that out yourselves, either in Manchester or Huddersfield. Nothing is yet planned for the Sunday but I might be in Leeds for a few beers and a roast dinner.

How does that sound? It’s a busy day but these things aren’t leisurely ambles around a couple of pubs, this is a bloody Twissup for goodness sake and we do things a bit differently!! Now get those train tickets booked!

If anyone hasn’t signed up yet then do so here or you might miss out as we’ll do everything else via email from now on. 


  1. Sounds amazing! Aim to be there!!! Where you staying? Think Cat will come to and we'll crash in Huddersfield...

    Can't wait!


  2. I'm really looking forward to the Manchester bit of this #twissup (I can't make the Hudd bit :( ).

    I really enjoyed meeting Dom & Colin at the Sheffield #twissup so really looking forward to catching up with them and taking a look around the excellent Marble HQ.

    I can see me spending the rest of the day there once you lot clear off...

  3. kelly, let me know if you find somewhere in hudds as ive not decided where to stay yet, hudds could be the best option...

  4. I will be there for the Huddersfield leg once Leeds United have demolished Cardiff at home. I live on the train line between Leeds and Huddersfield so can advise if anyone has any questions or needs help with accommodation.

  5. Cheapest pint in Manchester will be in one of the many Spoons.

  6. Looking forward to welcoming you all to the Grove!

    We have a cask of De Molen Bloed, Zweet & Tranen (Bruichladdich)which has been sat maturing for a good year in the cellar which the Landlord is going to stick on for the occasion, hopefully. Plus whatever other delights we can get hold of :)

  7. I'm at a whisky tasting that day - take it easy with the De Molen, I may have to venture up to Hudds on the Sunday to see if there's any left!

  8. Kelly - great to hear you're coming - you can buy a round to make up for all the many pints of Thornbridge beer we've collectively drunk over the past few years! Plus it can be your parting gift :)

    Brian - sounds brilliant, I can't wait!

  9. Sounds great! Matt and I are planning to stay in Huddersfield on Friday and Saturday night too. Can anyone recommend somewhere to stay? We'll be around for a pint or two on Friday in Manchester or Huddersfield if anyone's around.

  10. Sounds great fella, will be looking forward to the Marble visit in particular....See you then!!

  11. Met Colin at the Marble Arch yesterday for the first time. What a guy - and what an incredible place. Had a triumvirate of alepiphanies of late, what with an impromptu trip to the Grove on the way back from Northumberland where we came across Barrels Ale House in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

    So this will really be the cherry on top. Or will that be SIBA in Manchester the weekend afterwards?

    Ooh, I'm all a-flutter.

    Myself (Ale of Man) and Sam (Maid of Ale) will surely be in attendance for this one. Some very encouraging noises indeed from the Grove. You're all awesome!