Wednesday 15 September 2010

London Brewers and a Fyne Showcase

Two big events this weekend. The first on Friday night (17th) with the London Brewers Alliance bash at Brew Wharf. All the London breweries will be there showcasing their beers plus there will be a few extra-special ones: there’s the London collaborative brew, for starts, a porter put together by the London brewers (see Steve at Beer Justice for the photos of the day), then there’s a few from Saints and Sinners including a Citra’d Reaktion, which I’m dribbling at the prospect of, and John Keeling has promised a cask of Brewers Reserve No.1, unblended and at cask strength – a very rare treat! It kicks off proper from 6.30pm but there’s a trade session from 4.30pm (tickets available on the LBA website - £15 and that gets you plenty of beer).

And while we’re on the topic of beer and London, Steve has announced that a Euston Tap is forthcoming... if it’s anything like the Sheffield Tap then I can’t wait!

The other event is a brewery showcase at The Bull, Horton Kirby (my favourite pub!), from 17-19 September (I’m going on the Saturday). It’s the first showcase in ages and Garrett is getting Fyne Ales in, a great brewery from Scotland. The list includes Piper's Gold (3.8%), Maverick (4.2%), Vital Spark (4.4%), Hurricane Jack (4.4%), Avalanche (4.5%), Highlander (4.8%) and Deadlock (4.8%). He has also tweeted that there will be some Thornbridge beers on – Wild Swan (3.5%), Larkspur (5.2%) and Halcyon (7.7%) – and some BrewDogs, if you need any other reason to tempt you along – The Edge (3.4%), 5am Saint (5%), Punk IPA (6%) and Paradox Arran (10%). Not a bad line-up!

Fyne Ales’ Jarl was the best British beer I had at GBBF this year, and every bottled Avalanche I’ve had has been very good, so I’m eager to try more of their beers. And I can’t wait to try the Larkspur as there have been a few blogger beergasms over it recently, plus I haven’t seen Halcyon on cask this year and that’s always one to look for.

Who’s heading along to either of these this weekend?


  1. I've heard terrible rumours that Larkspur might not be there... thankfully the rest of the line-up should suffice!!

  2. Larkspur will never happen! I think I got as close as I ever will at the Marble event. :P

    That Euston Tap sounds beyond good. Hadn't heard about it until now.

  3. I can't believe I didn't have the Larkspur at CASK when I had the chance. Schoolboy error. Bit gutted if it's not there at the weekend - I could taste it already!

  4. I'll be at the Brew Wharf bash tonight - should be fun.

    As well as the Euston Tap, it looks like there is going to be another new outlet close by

    which reads:

    A real live craft brewery in London.

    The Bloomsbury Brewery is set to bring fantastic tasty beer to London. The BB takes the fight to mainstream bland lagers with gusto.

    Being located just off Russell Square in the historic Bloomsbury, our beer lovers will be able to easily visit the brewery and see how its done.

    We have prized one of Germany's best Brew Masters to join Bloomsbury as we set about on the path to build the first central London brewery in more than 80 years.

    Why do it?

    Well, why drink beer that has travelled hundreds of miles to reach London, when it can easily be brewed here in central London and delivered by electric van to our customers


    Bloomsbury Brewery will push the boat out with a demanding selection of craft beers but also quaffable session beers.

    We take our lead from the home of Beer in Bamberg, Germany, whilst also resurrecting a few 'Lost beers of London'


    Bloomsbury Pilsner - session beer

    Great Russell Kellerbier -unfiltered larger

    Lamb's Conduit Weisse Bier

    Queen Square Dunkel

    Tailstock Milk Stout

    Seasonal Selection

    in 2011, the brewery will host guest brew masters from Germany, Belgium and the US,who will brew speciality beers for us.

    www.facebook/bloomsburybrew [Live from December 2010]

    Opening February 2011

  5. "first central London brewery in more than 80 years."