Monday 23 August 2010

Twissup: We are going to...

The votes are counted and the unanimous winner for the Twissup on Saturday 23 October is Manchester and Huddersfield!

Some have suggested that two places in one day is too ambitious and won’t do justice to either destination, while others are happy with doing both. The thinking behind doing two places is that it’s a taster as much as anything else and by doing two we can just focus on the very best each place has to offer - we can visit any town, any day and drink, but this is a Twissup and we like to do things differently! The journey is also an integral part of the Manchester-Huddersfield trip, where we can stop somewhere on the way for a pint (the idea is 2-3 pubs in Manchester, 2-3 in Huddersfield and 1-2 on the way). If there are enough excellent pubs to keep us entertained in one place all day, without it getting samey, then that’s great and we can do that. There’s always the option to go somewhere else on the Sunday, too.

The form below is so that we can take down names and contact details so we can email everyone rather than blog it. Also vote on whether you’d prefer one place (and which one) or both. We’ll go with the winning vote – democracy rules! This is also posted by Andy over at Beer Reviews.

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  1. Gutted. Twissup comes to Manchester (and / or Huddersfield, or maybe just Huddersfield...) and I'm booked to be away in the Lake District. I'm never going to make it to one of these things, am I..? <sigh>

  2. I'll say Hello and have a pint of pong with you all. Buggered if I'm going to Huddersfield to drink more pong when I can go home, crack open a lout and rattle the squeeze.