Monday 2 August 2010

GBBF Survival Kit

My GBBF Survival Kit contains:

1 x beer list (tick, tick, tick)
1 x notepad (to remind me what I drank and how it tasted)
4 x freshly-sharpened pencils (my tools)
1 x pencil sharpener (in case I blunt the above-mention pencils)
1 x blackberry (to tell twitter what I’m up to; to take pictures; to send sexts on the train home)
2 x big bottles of water (stay hydrated!)
1 x big roll of bubble wrap (safety first for bottle purchases)
1 x pack of milk thistle (love your liver)
1 x pack of paracetamol (the morning after)
3 x bananas (potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, energy)
2 x packs of salt and vinegar Squares (my guaranteed hangover prevention and relief)
1 x isotonic sports drink (to replace sugars and salts; to give energy)
1 x supermarket-brand Red Bull (stimulation for body and mind)
1 x pack of bacon (essential)

I’m ready. Have I forgotten anything?!

(Notes: The sports drink has been started because I had a lingering bitch of a hangover yesterday and the bacon is Jamie Oliver’s, it looks lovely. Not pictured is the huge wad of cash I’ll be needing to see me through Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at the festival. For the action plan see here.)


  1. That bacon does looks good. Starting to think it might've been a good idea to take Wednesday off work too ...

    How legal is a "sext"?

  2. have a very similar pack, although mine usually also contains some cheese (esential beer drinking food)and an ale related T-shirt. The bearded ones tend to take me more seriously when they see I posess brewerania.

  3. "Sexts"?! *shudder*

    I must retrieve my hit list. Now, whose blog did I post it on?

  4. erm do i get a little survival pack on arrival???

    thanks for the reminder about the bubble wrap!!

  5. Milk thistle? WTF?

    I can't believe I'm missing this. At least I can get a US-fix at the Sloany on Friday though.

  6. My pack is made of ONLY ONE content: Security Feel Better. And will make the job in 45 minutes!

  7. Dare I suggest that this is bordering on the anal?

  8. You get hangovers from real ale? The only beer that gives me hangovers are the non real ales or keg beers due to the fact they are full of chemicals and other crap that's detrimental to the body. As I now only drink real ale I haven't had a hangover for years and I can put away a few pints when I want to and yes, I do realise this thread is almost two years old. So what?