Tuesday 19 May 2009

When Video Beer Reviews Go Wrong...

I wanted to shoot a video of me opening the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. I wanted to do it at my girlfriend’s house - she has a great garden, it was sunny and I was going to be there for dinner anyway. While she was cooking I set up outside, trying to keep the dogs (she has three) inside. The dogs hadn’t been around for ages so I hit record. As you can see I stop talking soon after I start as one of the dogs, Jess, approaches. See what happens next (I only wish I had her in shot the whole time so you can see what I saw.)

She stood next to the full bottle and empty glass (a very nice glass it was too) and just kicked back with her right leg, shattering the glass!! I couldn’t believe it, as you can probably tell by my angry/worried face (my girlfriend’s going to shout at me!). Anyway, I cleaned up and then went and shot the video inside and was gutted that the beer was not as good as expected – the malt was super sweet and the hops had faded super fast into a dry, floral and pithy finish that was the shadow of what it could and should have been. Don’t you just hate that? Never mind, at least the dog didn’t kick the bottle over and break that, so I still got to try the beer. I hate to think what my reaction would’ve been if the dog had smashed the bottle! This is why I have a fish.


  1. Gutted about the glass, at least the dog didn't get the beer! Then again, the beer didn't sound all that inspiring anyway!

    I also have fish, they are in a pond outside, so no danger of them knocking my beer over.

    Some advice if you have a minute, i'm cooking a grilled goat's cheese salad with crispy proscuitto and roasted garlic for a girl that likes her beer tomorrow. Any suggestions at to what to drink with it?

  2. My fish is next to me at my desk now. He's my writing/drinking buddy!

    First of all, nice one cooking for a girl that likes beer. As for a decent beer... Something fairly simple I'd say, easy drinking, enough sweetness to cut the sharp cheese and salty bacon. A wheat beer would be good, perhaps Orval (that'll test to see whether she *really* likes beer!), or maybe a lambic but nothing too sour or sweet. Failing any of those then it's a good varied dish so just something like a golden or pale ale would be great, plus they are less esoteric which is a good thing in a situation like this.

    What do you reckon? What did you have in mind?

  3. The goat's cheese is a really nice mild one so I thought a decent gentle fruit beer or a wheat beer with tropical notes might be the ticket. I have a couple of bottles of Whitstable Brewery's Raspberry wheat beer that I was considering.

    Failing that, I have a bottle of Chapel Down Brut in the cupboard, I thought that chilled down nicely might do the trick. It is nice and delicate and has worked with a multitude of different things I have tried it with in the past.

    A girl that likes beer (and drinks pints of it) is a bit of a revelation! I'm bringing my 'A' game (she likes peanut butter and jam sarnies too).

  4. The Whitstable Raspberry sounds ideal mate - it's a nice subtle one. Maybe try that AND the Chapel Down and have half a glass of each? A little compare and contrast?

    She likes beer and PB&J sandwiches?! Make sure the 'A' game is firing!

  5. That was hot Liam! Leave the pups indoors when making a video.

    What kind of fish do you have? I've had African Cichlids, South American Cichlids, various fresh water, various salt water. I even bred Oscar's in my younger days.

  6. The lesson here? Share. At least with pets that have legs. You never know when they'll want revenge.

  7. Wurst, I wanted them indoors but had to leave the back door open?! I had no choice.

    I only have a little goldfish - Hemingway (named for his writing and drinknig fame). I originally had three but one either commit suicide or was pushed out the tank and the other just died a few months ago. That's quite a rock n roll collection of fish you have there! Oscar's freak me out.

    E.S.D, DFH is very rare in the UK and I ain't sharing it with no dog!! I think this was some kind of pay back for all the times I've ignored the dog's presence or shouted at her for barking!

  8. Oooh fish talk. I have ghost carp and golden orfe in my pond outside. I would like an indoor fishtank though.

    Mark, grilled goat's cheese and the raspberry wheat beer was a spectacular combo. I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

  9. Pete this is brilliant news! I will grab a bottle next time I see it, I've been meaning to revisit it anyway. Have you ever had it from the Brewery Bar in Whitstable? I love that place, especially on a hot day.

  10. The brewery bar is a great place to go on a hot day. As is the Hotel Continental who also stock their beers on draught. That said I have always gone for their pilsner (which is ace) or their brilliant oyster stout.

    I can send you the recipe for the grilled goat's cheese with membrillo, and parma ham if you like. It isn't complicated.

    We sell the range of Whitstable beer at Macknade.

  11. I always go for their oyster stout when I'm at the bar, very nice.

    Put the recipe up on your blog if you've got it!

  12. Ok, will do. Exam tomorrow and work at the weekend, it will be up on monday!