Friday 3 February 2012

The Session #60: Growlers

I have one growler.

I bought it filled with fresh IPA from Lovibonds.

Carrying it on the train was heavy and people looked at me funny.

I took it to a party and drank it all. The beer was delicious.

That was a long time ago.

No beer has been in it since.

First it was a decoration in the corner of my living room.

Now it is a door stop.

This month’s The Session is hosted by Washington Beer Blog. It’s about Growlers. We don’t really do growlers in the UK. 


  1. Made me laugh. Good read.

  2. Good post mark, tho when you say growlers I initially thought you ment something else

  3. Only ever had a tiny amount of Ghost Deer in my Growler. It was the only way I could get some to taste. Had it at 5 am after I finished a night shift. Very good it was too. I really do need to use it more.

  4. where i come from a growlers either a pork pie or a front bum