Wednesday 28 December 2011

Nightmares from my notebook

I keep a notebook for writing beer notes for the bottles I drink at home. Not all the beers I drink are good. Here are some of the outtakes...

“...sugary sweetness, little chocolate, cigarette ash. Like weak, shit coffee with too much sugar.”

“Minty, herby but a little like damp towels. Slightly odd, sicky, damp taste. Sweetness but it’s sugary. Floral, lemony, bit cheesy?”

“Light struck. Caramel, ice cream. Shockingly sweet then a woody dryness to it, a lasting mismatched finish of sweetness and dry/bitter/oak/whisky. It’s not very nice.”

“Cheesy yogurt aroma. Little butter, little burnt, little dry at the end. Lifeless.”

“Blackberries, like fruit pastille sweets. Lasting roasted bitterness and dry hops. Little funky sourness? Or just blackcurranty hops? Port-like, winey, barnyard, like odd, cheap red wine. Something isn’t right.”

I won’t ask for guesses (one might be recogniseable) but I’m sure you’ve all had a few bad beers this year to go alongside the good ones. Do you suffer through them or chuck them in the drain? I’m a thrower.


  1. I just poured a Welsh honey flavoured beer which I received for Christmas. not nice at all, Now I'm drinking a Bath festivity to wash away the taste. I'm hoping that your 5th description isn't AB:03. because it sort of describes the way it tasted to me 6 months ago. I was hoping it was a one off.

  2. If I get a bottle I don't like, instead of enjoying it I'll just tank it. Don't taste, tank. Beer is too expensive to waste these days.

  3. Since I end up also pouring perfectly good beers down the sink as I simply don't have the capacity to drink a whole bottle once I've taken the tasting notes, I've developed zero tolerance of ones with technical flaws.

  4. Sam - It's not AB03, no fear!

    Nate - Tanking isn't for me - I'd sooner tip than tank!