Saturday 11 December 2010

Some Unusual Brews

I've written a piece for the Guardian’s Word of Mouth about some of the more unusual ingredients used in beer around the world, including jelly fish, saliva, weasel poo and tomatoes... Here’s the full post.

The piece was written as a double act to go with one about ancient ingredients and their current uses, which can be seen here.

What’s the most unusual ingredient you’ve tasted in a beer?!


  1. A garlic mushroom.

    It wasn't there before I pooped to the toilet.

    But neither were those smirks on the quiz teams' faces...

    That was certainly the last time I ever answered a question without 'due care and attention...'

    Am I missing your point slightly?

  2. That really should have read "popped" to the toilet.

    A most, most unfortunate typo.

  3. Curry in a Saison Pumpkin beer. Didn't really work for me, but others enjoyed it.

  4. Guava Puree, In Cigar Citys cloudy sour belgian style "Guava Grove". It was mingin.