Monday 27 December 2010

Golden Pint Awards: More Nominations

Here are three more entries to the Golden Pints – from my good mate Matt Stokes, John Clarke, regular blog reader and beer lover, and Will Briggs, who works at Beer Ritz and writes Ghost Drinker. My winners are here (although after a couple of bottles which I had over Christmas it might need updating...).

Matt Stokes

Best UK Draught Beer - Brewdog Punk X, Gadds Oatmeal Stout runner up
Best UK Bottled Beer - Kernel Pale Ale(s), Brewdog I HardCore You
Best Overseas Draught Beer - Odell IPA, Matuska Raptor
Best Overseas Bottled Beer - Bear Republic Racer 5, Green Flash West Coast IPA runner up 
Best Overall Beer - Brewdog Punk X
Best UK Brewery - Marble, Gadds runner up
Best Overseas Brewery - Oskar Blues, Odell runner up
Pub/Bar of the Year - The Lifeboat in Margate, Southampton Arms in Kentish Town runner up
Beer Festival of the Year - Planet Thanet, GBBF runner up
Supermarket of the Year - Morrisons
Independent Retailer of the Year - Kris Wines in Camden, City Wines in Shoreditch
Best Beer Blog or Website - Pencil and Spoon, Beerbirrabier runner up
Food and Beer Pairing of the Year - Walnuts and Gadds Oatmeal Stout, Pizza and Camden Pale Ale
In 2011 I’d Most Like To… See more Lovibonds, Camden Town, Kernel and Gadds
Open Category: Most Overpriced - End of History, Brew Wharf, The Rake

John Clarke

Best UK Draught Beer: Marble Pint (honourable mentions – Fyne Ales Jarl, Phoenix Black As Your Hat Strong Porter)
Best UK Bottled Beer: Marble Vuur & Vlam (honourable mentions -  Saltaire Triple Chocoholic, Lees Vintage Harvest Sherry Cask)
Best Overseas Draught Beer: De Molen Blond met een Pond (Nelson Sauvin)  (honourable mentions - Haandbryggeriet Fyr & Flamme,  De Eem Spring Warrior)
Best Overseas Bottled Beer: Three tie:  Timmermans Limited Edition Oude Kriek,  Hopping Frog Bodacious Black & Tan, Southern Tier Imperial Mocha
Best Overall Beer: Marble Pint (for the combination of quality, character, drinkability and accessibility)
Best Pumpclip or Label: Hand Black Magic Woman
Best UK  Brewery: Marble
Best Overseas Brewery: De Molen (with very honourable mentions to Emmelisse, De Ranke, De La Senne, and Jendrain Jendrenouille)
Pub/ Bar of the Year: Comptoir Des Arts (Brugge)
Beer Festival of the Year: Borefts Bier Festival (honourable mentions to Bruges Beer Festival and The Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation)
Independent Retailer of the Year: Bier Koning, Amsterdam
Beer Book or Magazine: Opening Times (the CAMRA mag for Manchester, Stockport, Trafford etc etc)
Best Beer Blog: The Good Stuff (honourable mentions to Pencil & Spoon, Tandleman, Shut Up About Barclay Perkins, Hopzine and Blog O’ Beer)
Best Beer Twitterer: Oh, please…..
Best Brewery Online: The best breweries don’t seem to be online much
Best Beer & Food Pairing: Giradin Oude Lambic and a carbonade made with trappist beer (at the Groene Poort, Gooik - you had to be there, really)
In 2011 I’d most like to… get to Bruxellensis if the buggers run it again as promised.

Will Briggs

Best UK Draught Beer - Thornbridge Raven
Best UK Bottled Beer - Marble Dobber
Best Overseas Draught Beer - Odells IPA
Best Overseas Bottled Beer - Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu
Best Overall Beer - Ilkley Mary Jane - never disappoints 
Best Pumpclip or Label - Ilkley Stout Mary
Best UK Brewery - Marble
Best Overseas Brewery - Stone
Pub/Bar of the Year - Arcadia (Leeds Town Street Tavern)
Beer Festival of the Year - GBBF without doubt
Supermarket of the Year - Waitrose 
Independent Retailer of the Year - Beer Ritz (cos it's my job)
Online Retailer of the Year - Beer Merchants
Best Beer Book or Magazine - 500 beers by Zak Avery (cos he's my boss but would still get my vote anyway!)
Best Beer Blog or Website - Hopzine
Best Beer Twitterer - Too many to say
Best Brewery Online - Brewdog 
Food and Beer Pairing of the Year - Mikkeller Black Tie and Rocky Robins!!
In 2011 I’d Most Like To… - Work for a brewery
Open Category: - Best V.blogs - Stu from Crown Brewery for his food and beer videos - Love the guy.


  1. Young Rob has just posted his here.

    I'd better get mine up too...

  2. OK, mine and the lovely Lisa's are now up here.

  3. Great to see Brewdog Punk X at the top of Matt's list there - it is definitely the best British beer at the moment.

  4. Genuinely pleased and humbled by John's nomination. What a pleasant surprise. Do you have any contact details for him, Mark, so I can drop him a line?

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