Thursday 10 June 2010

World Cup Beer Sweepstake: The Big Draw

We managed to get 64 names down to take part in the World Cup Beer Sweepstake so we’ve got two separate competitions running, both with the chance to win free beer. The first 32 names who entered are playing for a year’s subscription to myBrewerytap’s 52 Week Beer Club. The second 32 are playing for a box of beer each from Ales by Mail, Adnams Brewery and Highland Brewing Company.

The same rules apply for both: everyone gets drawn a team and they have to find a beer from that country then drink it and write a blog about it. You can only win if you write a blog – no blog, no win, simple. And you can only win the beer if you can get it delivered somewhere in the UK, I’m afraid – if you can’t then the prize is forfeited to the closest runner-up (but you are playing for fun, not free beer, right). There are a number of guys who are happy to take guest posts, you can contact them yourself, don’t be shy – Andy, me, Chunk, Baron Orm, Robbie, Peter Olding and probably some others.

No rules about what the blog post is – it could be 50 words or 1,000 words, pitched any way you want – except that it needs to involve the searching and (hopefully) finding of a beer from the country you are drawn and then the drinking of it. Feel free to put in some other links to the beer - drink it while your team play, add some beer facts about that country or a food and beer link, for example.

I drew the names and posted it to youtube. I had the players in one bowl and the teams in the other – it was the fairest way we could think of and you’ll just have to trust that I didn’t cheat. The camera died just as I finished the first draw, cutting off the final name. Here’s who is paired with each team, in alphabetical order. And yes, I am aware that I look stupid while doing this but I’m trying not to look in the bowl.

Beer Sweepstake One

Andy Mogg   -   Nigeria
Arfur Daley  -   Spain
Baron Orm  -   Chile
Blair  -   Holland
Bob Arnott  -   New Zealand
Chris Barron  -   Italy
Chris King  -   Algeria
Chris McBride  -   USA
Ed Davies  -   Cameroon
Edward Wray  -   Brazil
Ian Powell  -   South Korea
Josh Christie  -   Ivory Coast
Kenny Hannah  -   Uruguay
Lee Bacon  -   Portugal
Lois Carter  -   Germany
Marc Stewart  -   Mexico
Mark Charlwood  -   Australia
Mark Dredge  -   North Korea
Mark Fletcher  -   Slovenia
Matt Taylor  -   Japan
Mitch Adams  -   Denmark
Nick Fenwick  -   France
Nick James  -   Argentina
Peter Olding  -   England
Reluctant Scooper  -   Paraguay
Richard Mackney  -   Ghana
Scott Edwards  -   Serbia
Sean Nordquist  -   Honduras
Simon Smith  -   Slovakia
Simon Tucker  -   South Africa
Steven Pejica  -   Switzerland
Uncle Wilco  -   Greece

Beer Sweepstake Two

Andrew Smith  -   USA
Andrew Todd  -   Paraguay
Andy Mackay  -   Serbia
Ben Steel  -   England
Benn Glazier  -   Brazil
Billy Clark  -   Italy
Calum Robertson  -   Ghana
Chris Kay  -   Greece
Chris Routledge  -   Cameroon
Dan Lloyd  -   Uruguay
Dan Pubs of Manchester  -   Nigeria
David Lozman  -   North Korea
Graeme Hood  -   Slovenia
James Allen  -   Ivory Coast
John Corcoran  -   New Zealand
Katherine Simmons  -   Japan
Mario Rubio  -   Denmark
Mark Jackman  -   France
Matt Stokes  -   Germany
Mike Biewer  -   Australia
Mike Box  -   Argentina
Oliver Dimsdale  -   South Africa
Richard Marriott  -   Portugal
Robbie Pickering  -   Holland
Roger Williams  -   Mexico
Sam Hill  -   Spain
Simon Reid  -   Chile
Steve Larson  -   Honduras
Steve Owen  -   South Korea
Steve Williams  -   Slovakia
Stuart Ross  -   Algeria
Will Miller  -   Switzerland

The competition is now live so go and find the beers! The deadline is the day of the World Cup Final – Sunday 11th July – and you need to have posted on or by then. Good luck (especially those with North Korea, Paraguay, Honduras and Ghana!).

Now if anyone knows of anywhere which stocks any North Korean beers, then please let me know!


  1. Well my first question is: who are all these people? (-;

  2. France!


    I'm looking forward to a pint of liquid nitrogen-cold Kronenbourg, down the local council estate boozer, followed by a fight with a local because I don't like the racist tattoo,(with spelling mistakes), which covers 4/5ths of his wife's considerable arse.

    Awesome idea for a competition, lads.

    Bring it on!


  3. Great way of doing the draw Mark, seems nice and fair to watch you draw the names out of the bowl ... apart from the last name! ;)

    Looking forward to it.

  4. nice one - I have done my review now