Thursday 2 April 2009

Juxtaposition: Stone/BrewDog/Cambridge

I mentioned the collaboration between Stone, BrewDog and Cambridge in the last post but here’s some more info which has been posted on the Stone blog. And the news is pretty flipping cool.

What would you expect from this beer? I certainly wasn’t expecting anything less than awesome and extreme and they haven’t disappointed. But, ale fans, the news is this: they’ve made a pilsner (Stone’s first ever lager).

But this ain’t no ordinary pale beer. Hell no. It’s called Juxtaposition and is a 10% Black Pilsner which Stone are calling their hoppiest beer yet! Sweet! And remember Stone brew the hop rocket that is Ruination IPA! There’s are more details on their blog but I won’t copy them here, just add that they are mash-hopping! Mash hopping?! Now that sounds good to me.

Anyway, that got me all excited this morning so I thought I’d share it. I’m sure there’ll be more info about it soon from BrewDog. Just one thing… It was announced yesterday so I just hope that it isn’t an evil April Fool joke (but this link suggests that it was a double bluff, so fingers crossed). Juxtapose me baby!

1 comment:

  1. This would be pretty fantastic if true. Here's hoping that it'll be widely distributed, or available in the mail...

    Double hoping it's not a bluff!