Friday 27 January 2012

Open It! 24-26 February

Dust off the fancy bottles, it’s time to Open It!

It’s a reason and an excuse to open those bottles you’ve been saving. The bottles which you really want to drink but also really want to hold onto until a special occasion. The thing is, not all beer gets better if you leave it and the worst beer-thing ever is opening that bottle which you thought would be incredible only to realise that it’s now dead. Don’t let that happen. Don’t save it for that unknown special occasion; make this that special occasion.

Do it alone, do it with friends, do it in the pub, whatever, just open that bottle (beer, wine, whisky, hot sauce, it doesn’t matter what!) you’ve been saving and enjoy it and share it with others online using the #openit hashtag.

If you are in Leeds or fancy a day out, then Rick Furzer and some of the great beer venues up there are planning some cool Open It! events with beer and food and then more beer.

Let’s hijack the weekend of 24-26 February. A three-day excuse to drink the best stuff you’ve got. Go on, just Open It!

Open It! is something that Andy Mogg from Beer Reviews and I have run a few times now. Anyone and everyone can get involved and it can be any bottle you like. What bottle have you got in mind...?


  1. you've managed to pick the weekend that I'm away before heading to the Burton BGBW seminar! No Opening for me!

  2. I'm off to Thailand that weekend so will miss it too. I'll try and find a dusty bottle of Tiger to drink...

  3. I do have a bottle of Thornbridge Bracia but I don't know if I'll be able to wait that long until I open it!

  4. Hadn't heard of this before, great idea! I have a couple of candidates, my cellar is getting too big anyway... Plus, I suspect I might have saved my 2010 Bourbon County Coffee Stout for too long already.

  5. I've got a Nogne 500 I've been saving, but reckon it could go until next year's event and still improve. Maybe the AB:06?